Look high fashion with these high-street picks

You don't always need designer labels to get designs that look like a million bucks. Look no further than high-street brands and you would be surprised by how gorgeous they can be

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Nothing feels better when your friends comment on your exquisite taste for that “expensive piece” you’re wearing, only to discover that it’s not expensive at all. In fact, you reveal coyly, you spent half of the price they had predicted. How did you do it? Well, you say with a nonchalant flip of your hair, the outfit actually comes from a high-street label, and not a high-end brand.

Most of the time, though, it’s a tricky thing to pull off. Clothes that are mass produced are either poorly dyed or constructed. Loose stitching, non-matching prints at the seams and a bad hem are all going to be tell-tale signs that your look is less than couture chic.

A trick that we’ve picked up over the years is to look for subsidiary lines when doing your monthly hauls in fast-fashion outlets. From Zara’s Studio Collection to Topshop Boutique, these collections often are made with clothes of a better quality, and look fancier than what the label usually offers with normal outputs. Although these sub-line pieces may be tagged more expensively, you’re essentially paying for better quality and design.

Want to impress your friends? Here are the pieces you need to draw those compliments. Isn’t it sublime, darling, when you can dress to impress — for less?