Following on from Part One, we present the second installation of Her Wardrobe’s first episode with Love Bonito’s Rachel Lim.



As you know, from Part One, we had a casual chat with her, within a not-so-casual walk-in wardrobe that pretty much encapsulates everything we envy in one single space. We can’t help but drool over her favourite piece, on how often she updates her wardrobe and her most sentimental item. In Part One, she spills her go-to travel outfit and her best-kept secret, of which, we wouldn’t spoil the fun of.



WATCH MORE: WATCH VIDEO: Rachel Lim enthuses on the emotional power of clothes while we raid her clothes for style tips!



In Part Two, she shared with us just how she scored irresistible deals at fast fashion chains, styling it up effortlessly, or how she cheekily steals a shirt from her husband, rocking it in ways we wished we knew.




Ranging from her most unexpected item to her go-to cocktail dress, we see it all. And… sum it all up with one statement piece that will complete all looks. Watch the video to find that out!