You’d be all smiles too at your reunion if you were wearing a Gucci Chinese New Year token-something. 

It’s often hard to distinguish what Alessandro Michele (aka the wicked mind behind Gucci) references whenever he designs the label’s most wanted accessories. It’s obvious sometimes: paganism, Roman architecture and sometimes, it makes you scratch your head (ski-masks?).

But when he references something that’s cute and cuddly, it’s a sure-fire hit.

Case in point? Gucci’s designer Chinese New Year collection which has one simple focus: Pigs. 

Step aside Mickey, Donald and Goofy: there’s a cuter trio in town and they appear on the brand’s Ace sneakers, backpacks, totes and wallets.

There is a saying that goes “pigs might fly” but Alessandro Michele prefers it more literal: two of Gucci’s brooches feature a big with wings and one comes as a brooch.

The 35-item collection is now available online and in-stores but if you’re into something more worthy for the ‘gram, we hear that you can take selfies with a Gucci pig or film yourselves dancing with it on the app.

Prices start from USD$250 for a pair of socks to USD$1,980 for a backpack.