Photos: Gucci

For Pre-Fall 2017, Gucci finally unveiled its Customisable Ace Patch Sneaker collection featuring the brand’s most iconic and celebrated sneaker, the signature white Ace.

The line allows you to personalise your sneaker with interchangeable patches. There’s a total of six new styles for women and five for men which feature unique, interchangeable patches that can easily be attached and removed using snap buttons.

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If you wish to change up the patches on your shoe, there are nine detachable crystal or beaded patches for the women’s styles and nine detachable thread or crystal patches for the men’s that can be purchased individually to customise your pair.

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Below, the ones to covet and the patches we are obsessed with:

#1: Snakeskin with thread patch, $1,090

Ideal as a gift or a treat to yourself, this pair of sneakers oozes a cool and stylish appeal. 

#2: Snakeskin with crystal patch, $1,430

Want a statement sneaker? Here’s one to consider. 

#3: Snakeskin with beaded patch, $1,270

This fun, playful patch will appeal to the kid in you. 

#4: Snakeskin with thread patch, $990

Coordinate your sneaker and interchangeable patch colour with this combo.

 #5: Thread patch

This colourful rainbow patch lends a fun, youthful appeal to your pair of sneakers. 

#6: Crystals and beaded patch

This tiger number is made out of crystals and beads for a more luxurious and elevated look. 

#7: Crystal patch

Here’s another standout piece made with crystals. 

#8: Thread and beaded patch

What we love: the white coloured beads surounding the eye and the use of different colours and materials. 

The prices for the additional patches range from $330 to $490. 

This story first appeared on Female on June 20, 2017.