As avid readers of Her World, you’ll know that we have no shortage of women that we look up to who come from all backgrounds and professions. That’s why today’s spotlight is being cast on Salisa Landy, the Head of Marketing and Retail for fashion brand Pomelo.

The trajectory of her career is full of big names, having worked as General Manager for Thailand at Kiehl’s before taking on the title of Head of Digital, E-Commerce and CRM for the L’Oreal luxury division. Yes, we know: It’s an illustrious career that sounds pretty exciting, especially given that she’s now in the fashion industry. And you know what? She’d have to agree.

“I don’t think it’s as glamorous as people think it may be, but I do think it’s much more fun than some other industries. You’re constantly surrounded by beautiful clothes and so much creativity!” But that doesn’t mean that her days are spent window shopping, sifting through rack after rack of new clothing releases.

In fact, her day is jam-packed with meetings after meetings, conference calls across the different regions for progress checks and on some occasions, she can even be found at a Pomelo pop-up store – just making sure things are running as smoothly as they should. “I manage a large team of over 20 people and oversee multiple projects simultaneously,” she explains, “I am rarely at my desk for long!”

Tip #1

With that in mind, our first tip for all our #GirlBosses on the go is to dress for comfort. Much as she chooses to wear flats, (“I wish I could wear heels but I’ve had knee problems since my late teens due to sports injuries.”) dress according to what your body and your schedule demands. If you, too, find yourself having to run around, then opt for a one-piece like the Fold Over Tank Jumpsuit that will look professionally chic without overheating you. (Not today, embarrassing sweat stains.)

On top of a successful career, Salisa is also a proud mother of a two-and-a-half-year-old girl. So as you might imagine, her morning routines are much like her work schedule – packed. “I am usually up no later than seven, or earlier depending on when my daughter gets up. And while I get ready for work, my husband helps get my daughter ready for nursery. Then I drop her off before heading to work and getting in before nine.”

Tip #2

Even if you don’t have children, we understand a hectic morning routine. That’s why tip number two is all about co-ordinating your outfit. Being sure to have co-ords ready-to-go in your closet is the perfect way to look polished without any extra effort. Bonus, when it gets too warm, all you have to do is remove the blazer and you’re set to go.

Given her job title, we wondered: Just how does she stay inspired and ahead of trends through it all? Her answer is simple: Get out. “The best thing to do is disconnect – I still need to do more of that – and do something else completely different. Look to other industries. Look through old collections of books. You’re not going to get any new ideas sitting at your desk!”

Tip #3

Disconnecting might be tough, but it’s always useful if you’re dressed for the occasion. We often find that the clothes we wear conditions our mind for the coming tasks. So if you’re dressed in a comfortable shirt (that can easily be dressed up by tying the hem into a knot at the waist and pairing it with a pair of mum jeans) and your favourite pair of shorts, you’ll be free to roam the city looking for your next big idea.

And yes, we know, Salisa’s life does sound incredibly put together, but don’t worry if you’re still figuring things out. According to the creative, the result of all this comes from experience. “I used to work all the time but when she came along, she gave me a lot of perspective about what’s important. I saw how my mother, despite her very successful career in finance, used to have time for me; I want to do the same.”

Tip #4

In the meantime, there’s no harm in having a little fun and making some mistakes along the way – so long as you learn from it. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your fashion style and venture into something a little more adventurous. Pomelo Fashion has trendy options for every taste – even if you’re thinking about rocking that one-piece swimsuit as a cute graphic top.

But most importantly, to our fellow aspiring power women out there, here’s Salisa’s advice on getting to the top: “Love what you do. It’s very important to enjoy what you do – then you won’t mind working hard since you’ll want to learn as much as possible and do what it takes to achieve your goals.”

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