Giles Deacon: My designs aren’t a jokeGiles Deacon has re-thought his latest pre-fall collection as he fears people sometimes find him “too jokey”. The British designer is famed for using unusual prints in his pieces, such as eyeballs and skeletons. He decided to mix things up with his new line as he wants to appeal to a broad range of people.

“We’ve gone for that balance of well-made chic clothing with a little bit of quirkiness,” he told “I know people have found us to have been a little too jokey before, so we’re working on a cross-section of the two. It’s a yin and yang thing, which reflects the two sides of my personality. I like dark elegance as much as I like playfulness.”

Giles knows some fashion fans find the growing number of collections hard to fathom. He explained it’s necessary to have more than just Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter lines so outfits can be cohesive.

“Customers like more frequent drops,” he said. “They like the transition and I’m a person who really listens to what customers want. Whether you’re doing pre-Autumn/Winter or pre-Spring/Summer, the pieces tend to be similar – versatile coats, tailored trousers – things that the discerning shopper is really looking for and knows where and when they want to wear it.

“The quality of pre collections has changed a lot too – they used to typically be rather small ranges with a few knits, but that’s not the case anymore.” © COVER MEDIA