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This sassy girl is turning 37 a day before Halloween, but we have to say, she doesn’t look like she has aged a day since she started out a whopping twenty years ago. Known for her breakout role as The Girl in romantic comedy My Sassy Girl (2001), she has gone on to accomplish many things in her glittering career, including snagging a lead role in Hollywood film, Blood: The Last Vampire (2009) and winning 25 awards for acting in both television and film since 1999. Most recently, she made headlines for her role as a mermaid in Legend of the Blue Sea (2016).

Besides an awesome career in film and television, Jun is known too for her impeccable style, and went on to launch her own line of luxury jeans, Gianna by True Religion. She was also the face of Gucci’s accessories ad campaign in 2014. ‘Nuff said, right?

Want to look as put-together as her? We show you some wardrobe hacks you can employ to look just as snazzy.


A black suit will always work in any occasion


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We know the black suit is a closet staple. But to change it up, go for a suit that sports unique details, just like this single-breasted two-piece that Jun has thrown on. Her suit has white diamond-esque prints that is both edgy and sophisticated. Like her, add an eye-catching brooch to give your look a wow factor. For a more casual vibe, wear just the blazer, sans top, button it up and layer on some delicate necklaces. Add black tailored shorts and slip into a pair of comfy sneakers to round up the look.


Trench it!


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A grey trench coat that Jun donned for drama series My Love from the Star sold out within two weeks of that episode airing. Talk about mega star power! We understand why it was so popular — she exudes a vibe of effortless chic even if it’s just a simple coat. In fact, Jun went on to model a collection of spring and fall trench coats for contemporary brand Shesmiss. The look’s not difficult to recreate. Belt it tight and wear it as a dress instead — together with a messy updo and a pair of black mid-heel booties, you’d look as chic as the French.


Match your outfit with your accessories


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Jun displays her playful side in this look that matches her monochromatic polka-dotted dress with a black sequinned beret. Be as quirky as her and mix things up by experimenting with different textures, like a white cotton off-shoulder top with a pair of leather pants and velvet boots.


The bomber jacket and pencil skirt combination is a perfect look for business casual


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If you’re bored of the repetitive skirt-suit look for the office, how about losing the blazer and going for a bomber jacket like Jun? Keep it zipped to slightly above your bust-line so that it is appropriate for work, yet revealing hints of your décolletage to retain a sense of mysterious allure.


Beat the heat with bright hues and a bamboo bag


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Monochrome is great, but sometimes, you shouldn’t be afraid to stand out. Besides, a vibrant outfit can make your day. Flaunt a cerulean blue dress like Jun for maximum effect and match it with a bamboo bag (Jun here is using a piece from Cult Gaia) and a pair of sliders. That’s a brunch-ready outfit right there.


Be daring with the details


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Jun isn’t afraid of embracing bold fashion choices, such as this printed puffed shoulder dress that she paired with floral embellished mid-heel sandals. You can do it too, by wearing a baroque printed strapless midi dress and a pair of sandals that comes with tassel details. There’s nothing wrong with a noisy ensemble if you carry the look off with confidence.


Or, dress down in an oversized pullover, jeans and sneakers


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There are days when you feel like dressing up, and then there are days you just want to go basic with a simple combo. Like Jun, you can still look stylish in an oversized sweater paired with jeans and a comfy pair of sneakers. Just make sure you make it pop with a sweater that is in an unpredictable shade.


Throw on some swanky sunglasses


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Dress up your outfit with a pair of eye-catching shades like Jun, who looks effortlessly stylish while flaunting this pair of reflective, thin-framed sunglasses at the Gentle Monster’s event this year. Take a leaf from her book by pairing your tinted sunnies with a floral printed sundress and a pair of flat sandals for the weekend.


Put on some elegant drop earrings


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Move over, hoops. An elegant set of dangle earrings is essential if you want to look subtly stylish at events. Just look at Jun — her gold-tone drop earrings add class to her geometric jacquard V-neck dress. Like her, keep your look simple — a pair of single drop earrings fashioned in gold or silver is perfect. Leave off other accessories.


Minimal is key


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Accessories can make or break your outfit. Eschew thick and chunky statement pieces for dainty and feminine ones like the sleek chain that Jun has on which accentuates her slender neck. If you must layer, stack similar skinny bracelets like Jun — it’s fashionably chic without being too over-the-top.