Seoul Fashion Week 2017 is finally here, and we are thrilled to give you a peek at what’s hot and #TrendingNow in the world of Korean fashion.

What can you expect? For starters, we’ll be covering all you need to know on the fashion front, from runway to realway: Think selected show highlights and the top trends of the season, as well as our favourite street-style and celebrity looks of the week.

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Let’s kick this off, shall we?

Image: Garbagelapsap

What about street-style, you may ask, or our favourite Asian celebs and fashionistas? Don’t fret, we have you covered! Our eagle eyes are on the look out for the best dressed Asian celebs and influencers! Be prepared to get style lessons from the likes of Clara Lee, K-pop star Eyedi, our very own fashion influencer NC Wong and Laureen Uy. Not only that, we’ll be dishing the lowdown on which Korean street-style trends are the ones to keep this year, so do keep a look out!

As for the shows proper, we’re especially looking forward to sussing out what cult designer brands like Ti:baeg and VLEEDA will be rolling out this season – expect beautifully crafted and quintessentially Korean pieces that are polished and “editorial” enough for the runway, yet totally appropriate for everyday wear. Do look out for our top picks that will be sure to suit the taste of style-loving Singaporean women such as yourself.

Oh, and do remember to check out our Instagram and Facebook feeds for live coverage straight from the front row! Have fun spotting your favourite celebrities and influencers in our live stories on social media before getting the lowdown on who’s wearing what. Gamsahamnida!