Photo: Tenos


Founded in France in 2013 by Hangzhou-born designer Ren Rong Rong, 35, womenswear label Tenos combines French influences – classic and effortlessly chic, never over-the-top – with a rather Chinese spirit of experimentation and innovation.

It does not label itself as a workwear brand, but Tenos’s elegant designs work especially well for the office, and keeps things interesting by playing around with textures and shapes (so even if you are a corporate drone, you don’t have to dress like one). 


Photo: Instagram / @tenos_r3


Manufactured in Shanghai using fabrics sourced from Japan, its designs are also sometimes avant-garde, and usually crafted with complex methods.

Every season, Ren develops a new concept for her collection, then experiments with different techniques to treat her fabrics.

But her collections will always incorporate one or all of her three signatures – laser-cutting (pictured above), fusing fabrics (she has tried fusing two pieces of cotton-nylon fabric together, resulting in a curious product with a texture that feels like both paper and plastic), or Issey Miyake-esque square pleating (pictured below), a less-common pleating technique that requires a larger-than-normal amount of fabric.


Photo: Instagram / @tenos_r3


Ren always chooses a neutral, monochrome or pastel colour palette to keep the vibes soft even with her dynamic use of textures.  

Tenos is now available at the newly opened multi-label store Shouten by Biro (#03-23) at Mandarin Gallery. The store stocks new styles created especially for the Singapore market, as well as specially curated classic styles from Tenos’ archives. New designs will launched every three months. Prices start from $135.

Visit its website at, or follow the brand on Instagram at @tenos_r3.