Whilst we (and many other countries) adore the traditional French way of living that includes a lot of cheese, wine and organic beauty products, it’s not often a country associated with jewellery. Particularly versatile jewellery that can suit our ever-changing moods and ensembles.

Maison Altesse, France’s leading jewellery manufacturer and Texier, a leather goods manufacturer in Brittany noted such a conundrum and wanted to fix it. Thus, Les Georgettes was born – a collaborative line between these two powerhouses that offer customisable earrings, bracelets and necklaces. All you have to do is to purchase a two-way leather strip and insert it into the jewellery. How long will it take you? Just under 10 seconds, or five if you’re particularly dexterous.

Each piece of jewellery is handmade by one of 150 craftsmen in France the traditional way that distinguished jewellery houses do. But, the way to customise it is anything but traditional: Simply pop the strap in and you’re done.

And, if you’re wondering about the various ways you can wear the jewellery or how many you should purchase, we’ve done the math for you. There are 44 bracelets with 24 straps, 21 rings with 14 straps, 24 pendants with 15 straps and 18 pairs of earrings with 14 straps. If you have some serious dough, that’s over 2,069 pieces of jewellery you can add to your closet if you purchase just 107.

Each piece is also made out of 100% metal. What does this mean? No more green-stained hands, necks or allergies.

Prices start from $35 for a pendent to $405 for a crystal-embellished cuff. Strap prices start at $9.90 for a pendent strap to $105 for a cuff strap.

Available at Takashimaya D.S Level 3.