Franca Sozzani: Sustainable fashion is a mustFranca Sozzani is on a mission to turn the red carpet “green” this year. The editor-in-chief of Italian Vogue thinks it’s time celebrities and fashion industry professionals become more tuned in to environmental issues.

She is calling on people who attend awards ceremonies and premieres to wear sustainable fashion to the events – just as Colin Firth’s wife Livia did during awards season last year.

“There’s something new for 2012. The Red Carpet will turn into a Green Carpet. The colour of the runway will remain the same, of course, but the clothes will have to submit to new standards: eco-friendliness, sustainability and fair trade. An initiative fostered by Livia Firth, the wife of actor Colin Firth, winner of an Academy Award for The King’s Speech,” Franca wrote on her blog.

Franca is in awe of the way Livia has promoted the issue. She claims it has done so well among the A-List elite many female celebrities are planning to wear ‘green’ items to the Golden Globe Awards in Los Angeles on Sunday.

“This is a ‘concrete’ commitment, and not just another excuse to talk about fashion and movie stars. A good example, we all know, is set from above and surely, if celebrities and actresses chose to endorse this attitude and approach towards fashion to convey such a significant message, everything would be much easier,” she wrote.

The fashion editor added many big names in fashion agree with her, among them Alberta Ferretti, Frida Giannini and Tom Ford. She explained many of them are already working to make their pieces as ethical as possible, and expects this to be a real turning point for fashion.

“When actresses and actors nominated for the most-coveted awards in Hollywood, and not only, will walk on runways donning clothes designed following such criteria, we will be able to speak of the start of a new era. Nothing will change from an aesthetic point of view, yet the different approach used will be definitely radical,” she wrote. © COVER MEDIA