Fashion: Franca Sozzani responds to Kloss controversyFranca Sozzani thinks the recent removal of Karlie Kloss’ image from the Vogue Italia website was a “mistake.” The editor of the fashion publication decided to take down a photo from Karlie’s recent editorial that was featured online.

This particular image of the 19-year-old model created an uproar as some thought Karlie looked inappropriately thin. Franca took the photo down to appease audiences and is now regretting her decision.

“I did not remove the first picture from the site because I thought it set a bad example due to its thinness, but because I am aware of the fact that people can easily attach labels without thinking, so I believed I could avoid a pointless debate (sic),” Franca wrote on her blog.

“I made a mistake. I had to do what I thought was right, that is leave the picture and let everybody express their opinion freely. The picture is beautiful and that’s all.” Franca contends that Karlie is in good physical health and is not withering away due to malnourishment.

“Karlie is not anorexic but has a muscular body with a rounded contour due to the muscles’ tension, as you can see on the cover picture, where the ‘buttocks’ are muscular and rounded, just like the thighs and the biceps,” she continued.

“And, by the way, don’t forget Karlie is first of all a classical ballet dancer and her body and muscles reflects this.” Karlie features in the December 2011 issue of Vogue Italia which is out now. © COVER MEDIA