Following on from our travel bag must-haves for your carry-on, we’ve noted some luxe products on the market that might just help us snag that upgrade. When you’re next heading on a journey, whether it be by car, coach, plane or train, you’ll want to have these items in your handbag to ensure every trip feels like First Class. 

Image: Showbit


#1 A plush eyemask

This is one of my in-flight essentials. When travelling across time zones (sometimes three in one cross-Pacific trip) I need to be guaranteed some beauty sleep. Often planes will keep the lights on for the majority of the ride so to get to sleep more easily, an eye mask is a must. Look as chic as Audrey Hepburn waking up in Breakfast at Tiffany’s with this gorgeous silk one.

Mulberry silk eye mask, $55 by Slip from Net-a-Porter

#2 A pair of thick socks

Another personal must-have, I’ve learnt over time that my body temperature is regulated through my feet (perhaps a scientist can explain) and I can only catch some snooze time if they’re not freezing. I always pack thick woolen socks to slip on during the flight, even if I’m wearing flip flops to the airport!

Cotton socks, $6.61 from ASOS

#3 A neck pillow

Yes, yes and yes again. No flight is bearable without one of these. Neck support is so important when catching those Zs. Unless you’re in business class with a flat bed, you’re going to need one of these. 

Cotton neck pillow set, $39.90 from kikki. K 

#4 The scent of home

For frequent flyers, a great tip is to pack your favourite scented candle so that you can light it in your hotel room and make it smell a little more homey. Of course, Diptyque is a classic, so stock up at Escentials or Tangs at Tang Plaza. 

300g Baies candle, approx. $123 from Tangs

#5 Pre-plan your in-flight entertainment

There’s nothing worse when getting on a plane for an eight-hour flight than to realise you have nothing to do. Without Internet and faced with a shoddy in-flight movie playlist, you’re going to be mighty bored. Whilst we recommend stocking up on snacks and your print issue of Her World obviously, we’re obsessed with our iPad Pros to do anything from screening our favourite TV shows to scrolling digital mags and listening to podcasts (Serial is a must-listen if you weren’t already an addict). Just make sure to load them on your Netflix playlist in advance, so you’re not left without the files pre-downloaded in-flight!

#6 A case for cables and converters

Make sure you have your iPhone charging cable handy, as well as your earphones, adaptor plugs for international power sockets etc. stashed away neatly in an amazing organiser! We love the range by kikki. K for efficient check-ins!

Leather travel folio, $79.92 from kikki. K 

#7 Cashmere wrap

Never get caught in Arctic plane air-con without a trusty cashmere wrap. Shop our carefully selected picks here. 

#8 Serious hydration

Water is your best friend when it comes to replenishing your body and your skin. Whilst we know the benefits of hydrating beauty products for flight mode, make sure to arm yourself with a 1.5 litre bottle for constant old-fashion hydration, too. 

Image: Showbit

#9 A lint roller

If you want to look as fab as all those A-List celebs at the airport, pack a lint roller to get rid of any debris that may have accumulated over the last several hours. Nope, we didn’t wake up #flawless, but at least this will make it look like we did! A must if you’re meeting a friend you haven’t seen in forever at the airport, or that aunt who loves to comment on your appearance. 

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