These days, Instagram is the best place to find the most “authentic” celebrity outfit inspirations. 

This social media platform makes it easier for them to share their off-duty style and behind-the-scenes moments rather than just their cleaned up red carpet looks that aren’t as relevant or applicable to us mere mortals. 

Today, we share our favourites that we have seen in the last couple of weeks. Some of these celebrities have really got the #OOTD game down pat, so much so that we can’t help but include two posts because we just can’t decide. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed. 


A photo posted by Liu Wen (@liuwenlw) on

1. Liu Wen
Liu Wen has always been known for her boyish and insouciantly cool sense of style. This outfit perfectly exemplifies how pink can be worn together with edgy and tough leather pieces. If you want to know how to style this beautiful shade of pastel pink for work, check out this story here


A photo posted by Liu Wen (@liuwenlw) on

We were pleasantly surprised to see Liu Wen in this flirty frock when she showed up at the Victoria’s Secret after-party! Like we mentioned earlier, we are so used to seeing her donning more masculine silhouettes that this more feminine look comes off as really refreshing. We can’t get enough of how stunning she looks here. 


A photo posted by CL (@chaelincl) on

2. Chae Lin, ‘CL’ from 2ne1
CL is probably the undisputed queen of “badass” in the Asian world. Only someone with the X-factor like her can make an oversized T-shirt and super short denim shorts look so chic and covetable, seemingly without much effort to boot. See how she nailed a denim on denim look here.


A photo posted by Jessica Jung (@jessica.syj) on

3. Jessica Jung 
Okay, Jessica might have cheated a little because this shot was taken from a shoot she did with Karl Lagerfeld in Berlin, and the maestro can do no wrong! We decided that she deserves a spot on this list because (a) her outfit is on point and (b) she looks gorgeous. Check out the exclusive video we did with her when she came to Singapore for her fashion label, Blanc & Eclare. 


A photo posted by Carina Lau (@carinalau1208) on

4. Carina Lau
Carina might be pushing 51 this year, but she is definitely one of the most relevant superstars in the realm of Instagram. It’s always really hard to choose just one from her glamorous insta-feed. She posted this on Thanksgiving day, and I picked this shot out because she was so on-point with all the trends that were in for the season. (Read: fur bag, velvet dress and ruffle details.)

Told you it was a challenge to single out one #OOTD from this diva’s feed. Just look at that luxurious, cosy and super chic leopard fur coat! Need I say more?


A photo posted by -fiona xie- (@xplacidacidx) on

5. Fiona Xie
We saw Fiona recently at Arissa Cheo’s debut fashion show during Singapore Fashion Week and she looked smoking hot. Here’s the hottie repping a super cool hoodie from Arissa X.


A photo posted by Angelababy (@angelababyct) on

6. Angelababy 
Last but not least, we decided to include this super sweet snap of young Angelababy just because she looks absolutely adorable. Her impeccable style was already ingrained in her at a tender age — just look at those effortlessly scrunched up sleeves!