What: Fendi Autumn Winter 2014

The inspiration: A mix of sport and sophistication, not dated to any period

Fur escapes on the Fendi Autumn Winter 2014 runway. Credit: Showbit

The looks: If there’s anything that Karl Lagerfeld knows to make, besides wonderful couture creations, it’s how to make an entrance. Cara Delevingne opened the Fendi Autumn Winter 2014 show – as she did for the Chanel couture show back in January – and was the image of a picture-perfect Eskimo babe, from the furry hood to the wool sweater dress, and the tiny doll she dangled from her fingers, called Bag Boy Karlito. I wasn’t sure which was more distracting, the flying drones that were filming the runway or the mini version of the Kaiser.

The following sweater dresses that followed the first were overcome by what the designer dubbed the “fur escape” – tufts of fur exploding from the shoulders, arms, hips and more. While it was certainly an interesting look and one we are sure the likes of Anna Della Russo will be flaunting next season, we aren’t sure whether mere mortals can carry it off.

Flowers add a fresh element. Credit: Showbit

This wouldn’t be a Fendi show without new ways to style fur and this Autumn Winter, patchwork fur outerwear and fur stoles worn over the shoulder with a sporty buckle, were the new innovative designs. While sporty elements and shapes like mesh and sweatshirts dominated, there was a touch of femininity with the appearance of swingy, ladylike capes and gloves.

More looks from the Fendi Autumn Winter 2014 collection. Credit: Showbit

Lagerfeld was also inspired by a Billie Holiday song “Violets for your Furs” and of days gone by when a woman’s lover would pin a floral corsage onto her outfit before she boarded a train. Bunches of orchids were worn like badges of honour and were a breath of fresh air on the runway.

Bag Boy Karlito! Credit: Fendi

The accessories: The Bag Boy Karlito was made of three different types of fur and no doubt, the accessory of the show. The lace-up heeled boots, fur-handled bags and coloured-lensed glasses were definitely overshadowed.

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