Fendi’s latest short film Adele’s Dream

The star of the fashion house’s latest project, the short movie Adele’s Dream, is the Adele 1328 bag from Fendi’s new Selleria line

The undisputed protagonist in Fendi’s newest cinematic undertaking is the Adele 1328 bag from the Selleria collection – which goes to show beyond a doubt how influential the fashion house’s founder Adele Fendi whom the bag is named after, still is. The 1328 stands for the 1,328 Selleria tone-on-tone stitches that join the different parts of the leather together.

Part of the film takes place in a woman’s dream and channels a Hitchcock-esque feel. The main highlight of the film focuses on the moment when the Adele 1328 bag blossoms into a flower. The bag was brought to life, thanks to the Fendi’s master artisans and the use of stop motion animation. The animation technique was selected to show the incredible craftsmanship that goes into making the bag.

The Fendi Selleria will feature eight exclusive new models named after founder Adele Fendi and her five daughters - Franca, Paola, Carla, Alda and Anna – plus two iconic shapes, the Baguette and the Peekaboo. For more on the Selleria line, go to

Watch Adele’s Dream below.

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