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If someone were to ask you to describe your personal style in one or two sentences, would you be able to give a definite answer? It’s not as easy as it first sounds is it! Some of us have a strong sense of self whilst others have no clue on ‘who’ they are, sartorially speaking.

If you’re in need of a concrete answer to this question, then fear not. That elusive ‘personal style’ is not some far off distant dream, but can be mastered pretty quickly – you just have to ask the right questions.  

Seek inspiration


When you read magazines and scroll through social media, take note of #OOTDs that you like, and search up the personalities to see more of their outfits so you know what kind of style clicks with you.

Vloggers also provide much inspo, and in a more interactive way. For example, YouTuber Jenn Im has a series called “What Would Jenn Wear”, where she answers fashion dilemmas her followers tweet to her. Chriselle Lim, a modern and edgy blogger who started out as a stylist, has a YouTube series on transforming everyday staples into multiple outfit combinations.

Simply take pictures and screenshots, and compile all your fashion #goals into a folder on your phone for easy reference.

Use your own favourite outfits as future guidance

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Are there days you feel like you absolutely nailed your #OOTD, and thus sneak a quick mirror selfie before leaving the house? Compile these snaps and try to see if there’s a common thread in terms of colour scheme, patterns and the overall feel. This way, you can duplicate your winning outfits and have a clearer sense of the type of style that screams you.

Go for what flatters you

The number one rule is to dress to your body shape – you’ll be amazed at how much it can make you look and feel like a million bucks. For instance, if you’re petite, avoid the midi length as you risk looking frumpy. We at herworldPLUS have some very handy style guides should you need to conquer the jaw-dropping range of skirt styles and necklines out there. Playing to your strengths is already half the battle won.

Don’t blindly follow trends

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Fashion #goals are one thing, but it’s also important to not just copy and paste what you think looks good. Take the massive waist-cinchers from Spring/Summer 2017 – they wouldn’t be very practical in the office. Think of how to incorporate trends into your wardrobe, if not you’ll have items bought on a whim collecting dust and guilt-tripping you. Consider what works for you and look at your lifestyle in the long term. What’s your office dress code? Do you have to entertain clients? Do you have parties and dinners often?

Identify a go-to piece

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When you really can’t think of anything to wear, what is the go-to piece you throw on before making a dash for the bus? It can be anything from a floral skirt to a little black dress. The design of that particular piece can be telling of your personal style at the core – since it’s something you always fall back on, it’s not a style you’ll lose interest in quickly.

Purge your wardrobe


Once you’ve started narrowing down your style, it’s time to do away with items that are no longer relevant so you can invest in pieces that are more practical and suit you. If you’re undecided about tossing an item, just go with your gut. When you’re past the phase of wearing stripes, no amount of convincing yourself to wear it again will work.

Go window shopping


The next step would then be to window shop and see what’s out there, focusing on a list of staples you need. By scouting for specific items, you can shop smarter and not get sidetracked by pieces that don’t fit with your style. Take your time to suss out good deals – don’t be quick to make a purchase at the very first shop you walk into.

Don’t forget accessories

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Accessories can instantly pull together your look even when you’re not super dressed up. Build up your repertoire of accessories, be it tribal necklaces or minimalist drop earrings. You can afford to be more adventurous with these finishing touches should you want to experiment with different styles without going too far off track. This versatility helps build a signature style that’s uniquely you.   


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