There’s no better time than the Chinese New Year period to put your best face forward. But what if you’ve wolfed down one too many greasy festive goodies and pulled all-nighters playing protracted rounds of card games, and you are looking less than stellar lately?

To pre-empt the nights of prosperous debauchery, here is a cheat method to de-stuff, de-puff and detoxify your way to a slimmer, v-shaped mien just in time to wow your friends and family.

When it comes to nailing that sharper visage, BMF Bella Marie France’s Venus Freeze Face Treatment is quite possibly the best non-surgical option.

This is a non-invasive anti-ageing treatment with technology that combines multi-polar radio frequency and pulsed electromagnetic fields.

Not only is the treatment suited for mature ageing skin, it is also popular amongst younger women for a last-minute pick-me-up. It seems even British model Cara Delevingne is a fan of the treatment.  

She told the American press that: “My skin gets worse during shows because of all the travelling, so I prepare at the beginning of the season by having Venus Freeze Facial, which zaps heat into your skin. You come out with plump skin because it helps to create collagen.”

If this treatment is good enough for the supermodel, it’s good enough for us.


Model treatment  

As Cara rightly mentioned, this treatment creates magnetic pulsed fields and activates the skin’s natural healing response. It is this healing response that jumpstarts the production of collagen and encourages the formation of elastin fibres, making skin look and feel firmer and more youthful.

By improving circulation, the treatment also helps to deliver more vitamins, minerals and oxygen to skin cells and enhance the condition of skin by making it look more well-rested (even though you might be running on empty). Who doesn’t want that?

The treatment takes about an hour to complete so it’s great if you’re always on the go like Cara. It is no wonder the Venus Freeze Face Treatment by BMF Bella Marie France garnered the Readers’ Choice Best Contouring Facial (Machine Based) accolade at this year’s Her World Spa Awards.

Photo: Bella Marie France 

Our reviewer said that her fine forehead lines were less obvious after the treatment and her face looked slimmer and skin was firmer. She did, however, note that the lifting effect did not seem as prominent around the mouth area. So if that is your problem area, it might take more than one session to see a difference.

There’s no down time or extractions involved in the process, so you’re able to look your very best right away. Also, it’s great for those who are looking for a pain-free alternative to botox because our reviewer even commented that the treatment was so relaxing, she dozed off midway.

BMF Bella Marie France recommends a minimum of eight sessions of the Venus Freeze Face Treatment for optimal results so if you want to look your best before a particular event or by a certain date, make sure to time your treatments. Get glowing!

The Venus Freeze Face Treatment is exclusively available at all BMF Bella Marie France beauty gyms for $390. For appointments, call the Toll-Free Customer Service number 1-800-7777-111.