Ladies and gents, the fabulous Mondo Guerra

Mondo Guerra is larger than life.

The American designer’s bold designs – think graphic polka dots – made such an impression on Project Runway’s Heidi Klum that she valiantly fought for Guerra to win season eight of the fashion reality show. Despite the model’s efforts, Guerra placed as runner up but this wrong was put right when he emerged as the winner of the first Project Runway All Stars. The designer himself stands out as a personality with his wacky eyewear and colourful outfits.

Unfortunately, the same can’t be said about shoe brand Crocs. Sensible and boring, Crocs have sometimes been fined by the style police as a fashion faux pas.

The Gianna Mondo Dot flat

In my exclusive email interview with Guerra, the designer was initially guilty of thinking the same, “When Crocs first approached me about a collaboration, I have to admit that the only thing I knew about them was that they made those infamous clogs. But after I visited their headquarters and got to know them better, I realised we share a love for colours; innovation and fun and accessible style. Plus, we’re both Colorado companies so we have home pride!”

The Kadee Mondo Graphic flat

With his magic touch, Guerra transformed two of Crocs bestselling flats with eye-catching prints. The same black-and-white polka dot print Klum is a big fan of adorns the Gianna flat while another monochromatic grid pattern is featured on the Kadee flat. Thanks to this collaboration, woman all around the world don’t have to choose between comfort and style anymore.

Guerra also has a soft spot for the Adrina flat

Besides his collection, which other Crocs would Guerra pick? “The Adrina flat is a fun, colourful sandal with an eye-catching circular design,” says the designer. “I would pair it with a flirty romper in a graphic black and white geometric print for an easy, whimsical day look.”

I couldn’t resist asking him about his style crushes. Guerra reveals Jackie O. “for her timeless elegance”; Tilda Swinton “for not being afraid to take risks” and Pee-wee Herman “for his signature look” – explains his own preference for spiffy suits!

As for the reality show that made the designer world famous, Guerra says of his favourite moments onscreen, “The challenge where I disclosed my HIV-positive status on the runway was definitely the most profound and life-changing moment for me. But I also love when Michael Costello (fellow Project Runway alumni) and I became friends on the show. Oh, and the time I won Project Runway All Stars, of course.”

The limited edition Gianna Mondo Dot flat and Kadee Mondo Graphic flat will retail at $69.90 for a pair at Crocs stores in August 2014. For store locations, go to,en_SG,pg.html. For more information on Crocs, go to and follow the brand on Facebook at