Edward Meadham: Pile on accessoriesEdward Meadham advises people to “pile on” accessories for a night out.

The designer is one half of Meadham Kirchhoff, alongside Ben Kirchhoff. The pair won an emerging talent award for their ready-to-wear creations at London Fashion Week last year, and went along to the British Fashion Awards (BFAs) earlier this week.

Coco Chanel famously said women should look in the mirror before leaving the house and remove at least one thing, but Edward thinks that is old advice.

“Oh no – put several things on! Pile it on, that’s my advice!” he laughed.

Edward also discussed his outfit for the prestigious awards. He decided to go all out but admits worrying what to wear to red carpet events.

“I’ve got a second hand Chanel jacket, two very old shirts of ours, that we made when we were doing menswear. This is a 1920s skirt. Then I’ve got a piece of fluff from the [Meadham Kirchhoff Spring Summer 2012] collection and some ridiculous trousers I found on Brick Lane yesterday,” he told GraziaDaily.co.uk.

“[To choose what to wear I] throw everything on the bed, definitely. I had a frantic search for something to wear this evening then I threw it all on the bed today to decide.”©COVER MEDIA