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To put it simply, we love our designer bags. And because they come with such a hefty price tag, our designer bags are precious commodities that we hope to preserve and protect to the best of our abilities. Besides, they also serve as good investment pieces — some might have a good resale value, if we (God forbid!) want to get rid of them some day.

But life doesn’t always go our way and our designer pieces might sometimes be the victims of a dreaded spill or a stain that cannot be removed with just a soft cloth and water. That’s where bag spas come in. When things get too tough, we say leave it to the professionals. Their expertise will restore our beloved luxury bags back to their original splendour.

To help you take the guesswork out of which bag spa to head to, we’ve contacted over 20 luxury designer labels in Singapore, from Chanel to Valentino, and found out which brands are favoured among their customers. So bookmark this page — you’d never know when you might need it.


1. ColorWash


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Favoured by customers of designer labels such as Bottega Veneta, Celine and Goyard, ColorWash is a recognisable brand for bag and shoe cleaning as well as repair services since it was founded in 2003. Moreover, the brand is committed to sustainable green practices, such as using non-toxic detergents and cleaners, energy-saving machines and biodegradable bags only. Besides a whole host of services including cleaning, colouring and waxing, ColorWash also conducts workshops to educate enthusiasts on leather and product care.

ColorWash boutiques are at places including #02-20 Asia Square Tower 2 and #03-05 Mandarin Gallery.


2. Bagspa

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Located conveniently in International Plaza, Tanjong Pagar, we’ve been told that Bagspa has been favoured by clients of Chanel and Alexander McQueen. Besides the usual cleaning, restoration and colouring services, Bagspa prides itself on removing bacteria and mould that, while invisible to the naked eye, can fester in your bags and shoes, especially since we carry them wherever we go (yes, even to the toilet). They also provide waterproofing and odour eradication services.

Bagspa boutique is at #02-39 International Plaza. 


3. Prestige

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Got a handbag in your collection made with exotic leather such as ostrich, snake or crocodile? Then bring them to the Prestige boutique found in Lucky Plaza, which also specialises in the usual calf or lambskin leather, and non-animal fabrics such as suede, satin and velvet. We heard that Prestige is the go-to bag spa for Givenchy and Valentino customers so you can be sure your bag is in safe hands.

Prestige boutique is at #B1-107 Lucky Plaza.


4. MyBagSpa

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Founded by bag beautician Chan Pei Ling, MyBagSpa was started after she relished in the sense of satisfaction she had gotten from cleaning bags while growing up. For those who want to get an insight into their processes (e.g. how in the world did they make my scuffed and peeling leather bag as good as new?), MyBagSpa has dedicated a page on the steps they undertake to do colour restoration, wash/clean an item, disinfection and repair leather scratches and tears, to name a few. They’ve also provided useful nuggets of information on general bag care. Plus, MyBagSpa, which is favoured by patrons of Balenciaga and Saint Laurent, also provides consignment services to help you sell your designer bag at the best price possible.

MyBagSpa boutique is at #02-75 Far East Plaza. 


5. Honest Crafters


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Shoppers at Versace and Tom Ford depend on Honest Crafters to get their bag fixed and touched up. They also curate different packages, such as The Olivia ($96, which includes an exterior cleansing, leather polish and metal polish), to address specific cleaning needs while providing greater value for the customer. There’s even a The Louis Vuitton package (from $489) that is specially for the brand’s customers who wish to replace all the old vachetta leather parts of the bag with new vachetta leather. But beyond bag spa, Honest Crafters also has a “Build Your Own Bag” service where you can create your own bespoke bag with them, where prices start from $399 for a block leather handbag to upwards of $1,490 for an exotic leather backpack.

Honest Crafters boutique is at #02-08/8A Raffles City Shopping Centre.


6. Shukey

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Shukey is more than just a place to get your keys duplicated. Apparently a go-to spot for Marc Jacobs’ customers, the close to 30-year-old brand also provides bag repairs that include zip replacement and stain removal, general bag cleaning and colour restoration, lining changes and more. It also has shoe repairing services such as sole and heel replacement. Shukey has two boutiques located in Suntec City and Lucky Plaza, so it’s more convenient for those who are time-strapped.

Shukey boutiques are at #B1-125 Suntec City Mall and #01-99 Lucky Plaza.