Dress: Dana Crepe Dress, Joseph, $521 from Net-A-Porter

The Great Singapore Sale is on and the temptation to restock your entire wardrobe is intense. But bear with us as we tell you to hold onto your money; there’s an easier way than splurging your entire month’s salary on a new wardrobe.

We’d much prefer new pieces AND extra cash for the dessert menu too, so here’s what we propose: Smart shopping. Get basics that are versatile for more than two occasions and switch up your look with accessories.

To show you how totally doable it is, we chose a simple black dress that can be worn just about anywhere, and we’re showing you how we styled it six different ways.

After all, when it comes to the war of deals, it’s necessary to be strategic.

Look 1: The office

We’ll start off with an office-appropriate look since that’s where most of us spend a large portion of our week *boo hiss*.

Keeping it practical and chic, we’ve chosen a pair of the ever-classic nude Everlane pumps. The muted pink blazer (I prefer it oversized but that’s up to you of course) provides some colour to the look while not being too garish.

And to class up the look, we’ve added a delicate, pink-gold necklace that will match your blazer, complement the V-shaped neckline of the dress and draw attention to the vibrant pink sapphire jewel.

Outerwear: Chuck on blazer, Topshop, $89.90

Pumps: The Day Heel, Everlane, US$145

Accessory: Saphirs Légers De Cartier Necklace in pink gold pink sapphire, Cartier, $1,420

Look 2: Dinner date

If you don’t live close to the office, then you’ll understand the pain of not having the time to suss up your look in time for that sexy date. Lucky for you, we’ve made it easy to go from professional to date-ready with just a few tweaks to your core day outfit.

You can never go wrong with black and gold – which is exactly why we chose the Panthere de Cartier clutch bag. Its clean silhouette and gold detailings make it the perfect accessory for an evening out. If you’d like to bling up your outfit just a little more, add a pair of earrings which have a yellow gold base to coordinate your look.

And finally, we chose a pair of strappy heels to add some detailing, but if you’d prefer to elongate your legs then opt for some elegant pumps instead.

Notice that there’s no jacket? Not an oversight, oh no! Don’t worry about getting cold; your partner should know that a cuddle will warm you right up.

Bag: Panthere de Cartier clutch bag, Cartier, $3,400.

Shoes: Ramona Ankle Tie Sandals, Topshop, $106.

Accessory: Amulette De Cartier XS model in yellow gold, Cartier, $4,950

Look 3: Shopping date with friends

What about a casual day out shopping? You don’t want to look overdressed next to your friends, right?

Forget the heels and switch to a pair of trainers to tone down the look and keep your feet from dying as you traverse the roads of Orchard. Throw on a basic bomber jacket (that you can most definitely wear with loads of other outfits. Win) to give the look a bit of an edge. And finish it off by rocking a pair of grey palladium-finish metal sunglasses to keep your look weather-appropriate.

Your eyes, after all, need to be shielded from the sun just as much as your skin. Plus, the grey lenses add a little touch of mystery which is always kind of alluring, no?

Shoes: Original Stan Smith, Adidas, $113 from Net-A-Porter

Outerwear: Appliquéd satin bomber jacket, Miu Miu, $1,477 from Net-A-Porter

Sunglasses: Trinity de Cartier Palladium-finish metal, grey lenses, Cartier, $1,170

Look 4: Weekend brunch

Sunday brunches are all about looking effortlessly classy. That’s why we’re coupling the dress with a pair of black mules that don’t just show off your impeccable style (wink) but also lighten up the look.

And since you’ll be taking lots of flatlay snaps (no judgement here!), add a classic bracelet that has enough detailing to catch the attention of your followers. Try to avoid statement bracelets that steal away from your outfit, however, but go for pieces that provide you with just the right amount of detailing, like a rose gold base that will definitely stand out from all that delicious food.

Complete your look with a cropped denim jacket that plays well into the mood of casual chic but, most importantly, gives shape to your figure and hides the food baby. Yes, we thought ahead! You’re welcome.

Shoes: Pointed Asymmetrical Mules in black, Charles & Keith, $43.90

Accessory: Love Bracelet, SM in Pink Gold, Cartier, $5,600

Outerwear: MOTO Fitted Cropped Bleach Denim Jacket, Topshop, $89.90

Look 5: Girls’ night out

What good would a black dress be if it can’t be used for a night out with the girls, right?

We kept it simple with this one because, well, you never know where the night will go. And experience has shown that the fewer things you have on, the better. So here are the essentials. Booties so that you can dance all night while adding height and length to your legs; a sleek leather clutch that’s durable and the perfect size to keep all your essentials (cards, phone, lipstick for reapplication); a statement white gold ring with a unique design for a touch of luxe and a no-nonsense excuse to ward off unwanted attention.

Bag: C de Cartier clutch bag, Cartier, $740

Boots: Hubba Pointed Socks Boots, Topshop, $119

Accessory: Juste un Clou ring in white gold, Cartier, $3,350

Look 6: Meeting the parents

We’re calling this the “meet the parents” look, but think of it more as an outfit to use anytime you need to look like you’ve got your shizzle together.

Pair the dress with some simple brown flats to balance the look – neither too formal nor too casual. Don a refined leather waist belt to cinch the dress in around your waist for a flattering shape and – this is where it gets crucial – be sure to keep it the same shade of brown. This prevents the look (and by extension, you) from looking uncoordinated.

To keep the outfit from looking too plain, we suggest choosing a dainty, fabric-strap watch that will jazz up your look without looking too “obiang”. Go for dials that are 30mm or less for a nice embellishment, and be sure the case is steel so that the look isn’t cheapened. The added benefit of a watch? You won’t need to look at your phone for the time, which may inadvertently come across as rude. Told you we thought this through.

And of course, nothing screams “I’m responsible!” better than a simple cardigan so feel free to throw that on if you’re feeling especially preppy or, well, cold.

Accessory: Miss Pasha watch, Cartier, $3,900

Belt: C de Cartier belt, Cartier, $650

Shoes: Ardlanne Ballerinas, ALDO, $96.90 from Zalora

Cardigan: Cashmere cardigan, Jardin Des Orangers, $425 from Mytheresa.com