Photo: Fendi 

Few can say that doodling is anything more than a daydream sport. For Sam Cox, better known as Mr Doodle, his knack for detailed doodling has taken his art form from the surfaces of clothes and old furniture to the rooftop of Fendi’s headquarters, and subsequently, the whole Palazzo Della Civilta Italiana. 

The rooftop performance presented by Fendi intersects Mr Doodle’s unique style of graffiti art with the fashion house’s heritage, in hopes of demonstrating its DNA, as well as notions of the “hand-made”. 

Photo: Fendi 

For two full consecutive days, Mr Doodle put his pen to huge mirrored letters that spell out “Fendi”, “Roma” and Fendi’s signature double F logo. As one who is seasoned with working on a variety of mediums, the finished piece is an electrifying mass of connected drawings in black and yellow tones. 

An Internet sensation boasting 2.4 million Instagram followers, Fendi manages to capture Mr Doodle’s quirky personality and hypnotic work process through a short film. Close-up shots of his techniques are paralleled with that of Caterina’s, a young tailor of the Fendi atelier, who is shown stitching on Mr Doodle’s jumpsuit. 

Photo: Fendi 

The 25-year-old illustrator from London is also the first person to have taken his art to the outer of Fendi’s white canvas Peekaboo bag. A pattern of bold, yellow Fendi elements (like its double F monogram) and funny little characters from Doodleland (his creative universe) enveloped all sides of the bag, resulting in a one-of-a-kind piece.

This is not the first time that Fendi has showcased its affinity with graffiti art. The rooftop has been taken over by other artists previously, such as Pokras Lampas, and the six artists of “The Ring of The Future”.