We know you love your Chanel bags, heck they are your pride and joy! Buying a Chanel bag is a hefty investment, so it’s important to understand all the after-sales services that they offer in order to ensure that these bags really last you a lifetime. 

1. You don’t need a proof of purchase 
Contrary to popular belief, a proof of purchase is not mandatory to qualify for a bag repair. As long as the bag is able to be authenticated (you must have the hologram serial number sticker and authenticity card), Chanel will be able to do the repairs for you. However, repairs without a proof of purchase are chargeable unless the item belongs to a recent season. 

2. Products under warranty enjoy free repairs 
All leather goods are covered with a one year warranty. If you require any repair services within that year, and the damage is not one that naturally occurs with heavy usage, they will be free of charge. 

3. Repairs are usually done locally 
Simple repairs are usually done locally and the estimated turnaround time for the local repairs for classic and seasonal items is about 6 weeks. However, if it’s a big repair that entails an overhaul, they will have to send it over to Paris. The turnaround time for an overseas repair is typically 6 months or more. This includes vintage and exotic pieces. 

4. Costs and the common types of repair services 
Repair costs start from as low as $50. It can go up to a couple of hundreds, depending on the complexity of the repair and the model of your bag. 

Here are the estimated prices for some the common repair services: 

  • Change of hardware (e.g. clasps, chain, loose screws) – Starts from $50 
  • Re-stitching loose threads – Starts from $100
  • Replacement of chain straps – $300 to $500 

Chanel Singapore does not do any refurbishment/reconditioning of leather. 

So ladies, if you have a bag that you would like to fix, it’s recommended that you bring it down to the boutique personally for the staff to assess the condition of the bag. Prices stated above are not absolute. The experienced sales associates at the store will be able advise you on what should be done and the actual cost of the repair will be advised upon further evaluation by the repair workshop.