DIY idea bag  chanel new.jpg

“I was thrilled to get this vintage Chanel bag from a store in Tokyo for only $600, and I planned to dye it a deeper shade of pink. Unfortunately, things didn’t go according to plan – I got the dyeing instructions wrong and the bag turned yellow! It was so bad that even my colleagues burst out laughing when they saw it. The bag spa I went to couldn’t save it, so I chose to try my hand at restoring it. Again!”

DIY idea bag  chanel old.jpg

The inspiration: “I decided to paint the bag black and with my red suit to emulate this Dsquared2 look. Hopefully, the darker shade would give the bag a new lease of life!”

DIY idea bag inspiration.jpg

The tools: “All I needed to work some magic: brushes, satin ribbons, fabric glue and black fabric paint.”

DIY idea bag  paint  glue.jpg

The end result: “Two coats of paint later, I got myself a spanking new bag! I was very pleased with the end result – no one could tell that it had been dyed. I also changed the colour of the straps by weaving black ribbons through the links – when I get bored with them, I can just change the ribbons to refresh the look of the bag. I now have a new party companion!”

Main photo: Frenchescar Lim, Product photos: Winston Chuang & Zaphs Zhang

This story was first published in HerWorld Magazine June 2015.

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