Photos: Ruthie Davis

We do so love a Disney collaboration – from makeup brushes to skincare, we’ve enjoyed many releases this year that bring back our childhood memories. However, this particular Disney collab is causing us all kinds of emoji hearts because it’s combined our two loves: Disney Princesses and high heels.

US designer Ruthie Davis has embarked on a ‘power princess shoes’ collection, which will feature 11 ranges for the 11 Disney Princesses.The first one is Snow White, which has agreeable symmetry considering she was the first ever Disney Princess to grace our screens. It’s also the 80th anniversary of said princess and her fellow seven dwarfs.

From platform pumps to velvet boots to floral sandals, the range is anything but childish or kiddy. In fact we love every single pair. Ruthie Davis has managed to incorporate just the right amount of our childhood memories into our grown up working wardrobe. It’s a shame they don’t come complete with a working Prince Charming too, more’s the pity.

With eight shoes up for grabs (why not seven? Our OCD has really kicked in here) we’ve done some digging around and alas, they are not available to be shipped to Singapore. But we’re all for fairytale dreaming anyway.

Check out our favourites below and keep your eyes peeled for the next princess!


Grumpy US$498


The Fairest US$698​


Good vs Evil US$698​


Seven Dwarfs US$798​


Rotten Apple US$598


Friend of the Forest US$598​