Diane von Fürstenberg: Perfume is iconicDiane von Fürstenberg says her scent is the “wrap dress” of perfumes.

The designer believes her fragrance – called Diane – is the finishing element of an outfit.

She wanted to create a perfume that would never age and would be easy to wear.

“For me, scent is key to helping you project the person you want to be – it’s like the full stop at the end of a sentence,” she said in the UK edition of Marie Claire magazine. “With my fragrance, Diane, I wanted a perfume to reflect that womanly confidence, which is why I went for something timeless – it’s like the wrap dress of perfumes.”

Diane also revealed a few looks which she believes she will never be able to wear.

Although she loves red lipstick, Diane doesn’t think it looks good on her.

“Andy Warhol painted me twice with red lips but I never actually wore them,” she explained. “I’ve always preferred a subtle smoky eye – sometimes you just have to accept certain looks don’t suit you.”

However, Diane refuses to focus on the negatives. She believes the best way to look good is to be confident in your skin.

“The key to happiness is accepting who you are, recognising your good points and enhancing them,” she declared. “The most important relationship is the one you have with your reflection. You should be able to wink at yourself.”©COVER MEDIA