How does one reinvent an established brand like Desigual? Well, the Spanish label is here to make a statement – that madness can inspire change. The need to constantly move, evolve and think differently was what spurred the brand to create its first manifesto campaign.

“A change of image comes from a change of mindset,” says Guillem Gallego, chief marketing officer at Desigual. “And today, we’re ready to share ours with the world in the form of a manifesto.” 

Together with the permanent reversal of its logo, Desigual is championing a “backwards thinking” manifesto: a methodology of using creativity and new ideas, no matter how illogical or strange, to solve issues around us. To convey this message, Desigual developed a series of lookbook images and a campaign video that celebrate the “logic of illogicality”. 

Desigual’s S/S ’20 collection titled “El Love” thus symbolises a new chapter for the Spanish label. By exploring and refreshing the foundations of its style (arty, patchwork and boho), the brand has come up with a vibrant Mediterranean collection filled with Hawaiian, Indian, tropical and African influences.

The relaxed urban silhouettes remain close to the brand’s roots and reaffirms Desigual’s commitment to sustainability. “Eleven per cent of the collection (S/S ’20) is made from sustainable fabrics, and our goal is to keep increasing this percentage with every coming season,” says product director Clara Delmuns.

Shot in Barcelona and directed by young up-and-comer Lisa Boostani, the campaign video demonstrates “backwards thinking” by playing out sequences completely in reverse. Eight-year-old Julia Herrero Morillas was chosen as the narrator because her position as a child embodies the spontaneous and uninhibited spirit that Desigual wanted to portray. 


“We have designed experiences that make you turn your phone around or play with your camera in selfie mode,” says Ricardo Gomez, head of consumer marketing at Desigual. “We are fully focused on interaction with users and leaving a lasting impression. We need to make them think!”

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