Desigual has officially reversed its logo, and we must say this is one of the coolest rebranding efforts we’ve seen this year. Not just because the idea is fresh, but because the impetus is so simple and straightforward – to pledge loyalty to its values and rebellious identity. So here are five ways in which Desigual has been utterly disruptive:


1) It was a pioneer of upcycling

From the denim capsule collection of the brand’s F/W ’19 campaign. Photo: Desigual 

Before Youtube and Pinterest made upcycling a mainstream endeavour, Desigual was already ahead of the game. In 1984, Thomas Meyer created the label’s Iconic Jacket from jeans scraps, brass buttons, and leather applique. The upcycled piece was not only Desigual’s first product when Meyer founded the company, but also laid the aesthetic foundation for Desigual’s designs – a foundation that is still in place today. 

The Iconic Jacket retails for S$519 at Desigual’s Orchard Central store. Photo: Desigual


2) Its unique creative process

The unveiling of Desigual’s new brand identity at its headquarters in Barcelona, Spain. Photo: Desigual

When Desigual says that it values the creative process, it isn’t playing around. Since the advent of its Iconic Jacket, the brand has tried to preserve its handmade and arty essence. There was a phase where designers at Desigual worked without computers and sketched by hand in a bid to reconnect with the brand’s roots. The headquarters in Barcelona even boasts an experimentation space for exploring paint and colouring techniques. 

3) Going nude  

When Barcelona’s City Council abolished a regulation prohibiting public nudity, Desigual rode on that. On Feb 17, 2005, the Naked campaign was born – the first 100 people to arrive naked at the Passeig de Gracia store in Barcelona walked away fully clothed in Desigual garments, free. You might remember the Singapore instalment of the campaign which took place in 2014 – and had a less extreme name (Semi-Naked), for obvious reasons pertaining to the local law. 

4) Desigual opened its Singapore store (2006) – its first retail store outside Spain 

Desigual’s F/W ’19 collection is available at the Desigual store in Orchard Central and at Photo: Desigual

Desigual has a presence in 90 countries today, but did you know that its first retail store outside Spanish borders was in Singapore? The opening of the Singapore store in October 2006 was just the beginning of the brand’s feisty expansion plans. Shortly after, its London store opened on Regent Street. 


5) It’s the first international brand to permanently reverse its logo

“It’s the first time in 35 years that we’ve run an outdoor campaign that doesn’t feature the product.” – Guillem Gallego, chief marketing officer of Desigual. Photo: Desigual

If it seems like Desigual is going against all the rules in its branding book, it’s because it is. However, being the first brand to permanently reverse its logo is not so much a radical transformative move as it is a tribute to what it truly is – rebellious, raw and disruptive. 

​​​​Guillem Gallego, chief marketing officer of Desigual. Photo: Desigual 

“At Desigual, we are committed to a purpose-oriented business model. People choose and build preferences towards a brand when it has a raison d’etre, a story behind it. Ours is awakening the creativity that we all have within us, which is why we create products that allow us to deliver a personalised shopping experience throughout the entire journey with the brand,” says Guillem Gallego, chief marketing officer of Desigual.