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It really is an end of an era. After almost two decades, Chief Creative Officer and President Christopher Bailey has decided to depart the brand. Joining the brand back in 2001, Bailey is (or do we say was yet?) responsible for the brand’s direction, vision, impeccable execution and it will be a huge blow to lose such a talent. He even established the Burberry Foundation, along with Angela Ahrendts, dedicated to helping young people live and achieve their dreams through creativity.



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The label’s A/W ’18 show, which will be hosted in February 2018, will sadly be his last. His reign at Burberry is actually one of the longest designer tenures and he’s only exceeded by one other person in the fashion industry: Karl Lagerfeld who has silently steered brands like Chanel and Fendi for, what feels like, an eternity. 



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Bailey’s successor (for now) is chief executive officer Marco Gobbetti who Bailey has offered full support to. Bailey has given no real reason to his departure, except that he feels it’s the right time and is looking towards a future to pursue new creative projects.



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Bailey has, undoubtedly, had a huge role, nay THE role, in shaping Burberry into the global fashion powerhouse brand that it is today, and he will be missed by all.



@ZhouDongyu showcases runway tartan from the new #Burberry September 2017 collection

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