Andrew Luo and Kenny Lim of Depression playing around with their design

It’s always interesting to see what happens when you take fashion designers out of their comfort zone. Will they sink or swim? Well, judging from the Pioneer Designer Collaboration, it seems that they perform brilliantly.

When Japanese electronics giant Pioneer launched its designer collaboration, it picked four Singapore fashion labels – Depression, Fru Fru & Tigerlily, Mash-up and Possi-tilly-ty – and three regional designers to put their own stamp on the Superior Club Sound series headphones. Pioneer gave the designers full freedom with the design of the new Superior Club Sound headphones and boy, did they bring their A-game to the drawing board.

Nathanael Ng, one-third of Mash-up, hopes to see M.I.A rock their headphones 

The pimped up headphones were displayed at the street dance festival Radikal Forze Jam 2014 on March 20 and 21, 2014. Amidst the serious freestyle dancers and B-Boys ready to bust a move in their street style finest, one colourful pom pom-adorned pair of headphones caught our eyes straight away.

Ginette Chittick of Fru Fru & Tigerlily

These pom poms as it turned out were an extension of Fru Fru & Tigerlily’s bag collection and a favourite of the label’s designer, Ginette Chittick. She says: “We also incorporated pom poms into an art piece and with the headphones, we hope that the pom pom can travel with the listener.” Chittick is familiar with Pioneer headphones, being a part-time DJ herself, so the collab was right up her alley. “She’s super cute and talented and has a quirky sense of style. Plus, she’s down with electronic music,” says Chittick of Canadian singer-songerwriter Grimes who she thinks the headphones will be perfect for.

Tilly Soelistyo of Possi-tilly-ty

The urban jungle and street and youth culture inspired Mash-Up’s design and this translated into literal miniature skyscrapers parked on top of the Superior Club Sound headphones. Singapore’s multi-cultural society was the foundation for Possi-tilly-ty’s design while Depression’s chain-mail version interpreted the brand’s signature style to a T. The latter also won the “Best Design” award and US$1,000 based on the creativity of materials and marketability of the design.

Tilly Soelistyo of Possi-tilly-ty; and Andrew Luo and Kenny Lim of Depression, tell us who they hope to see wear their Pioneer headphones and more about designs in the video below.

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