Chinese New Year comes with its own set of joys. But beyond all the festivities and the license to stuff ourselves silly (hello, never-ending jar of pineapple tarts!), there’s one minor bête noire that gives the anticipated holiday a sense of acerbity — new shoes that bite.

The last thing anyone needs is a set of pinching, blister-inducing kicks when they’re marching from door to door in a day-long escapade of Chinese New Year visiting. The added distress above dodging pesky questions about our relationship status from well-meaning relatives? Trust that we speak for everyone when we say: Ain’t nobody got time for that.

And so, we’ve done the legwork to hunt for some of the most comfortable, plushy shoes that are stylish, but will still give your feet some extra TLC. From sneakers that are easy to kick off to chic sandals that are far from casual, these shoes will serve you well this coming Chinese New Year.