Buying new clothes for Chinese New Year has always been an important part of prepping for the new year as it symbolises welcoming new things and starting a fresh clean slate. It is also said that whatever happens on New Year’s Day sets the tone for the rest of the year, so everyone tries to dress well.

Besides, many of us only see these relatives once a year, so it’s our only time to leave a good lasting impression until the next. Unfortunately, commitment from work, family and friends often takes precedent over outfit planning, we understand that it’s hard to find time to shop for new clothes. 

If you are panicking over what to wear this weekend, we are here to help. Just follow this formula and–boom–you’ve got yourself a perfect CNY ensemble that no one will question. 

(Clockwise) Polyester top, $59.90 by Topshop; Leather monogram crossbody Bag, $1,300 by Saint Laurent; Cotton jeans, $39.90 by Zara; Leather slides, $1,150 by Gucci

Above, we’ve selected some key pieces that you can use as your base to work around it. Since you are pressed for time, we strongly recommend you to go for a simple no-frills outfit. Fashion shenanigans should take the backseat.

Jeans are definitely your best bet for visitation. Flared, cropped, boyfriend and even embellished jeans styles…there’s nothing this fabric cannot do. Pick your preferred style because comfort should be key as you will be on the move, from house to house. 

We’d suggest that you keep your ripped jeans away for this weekend unless you are game to entertain the elder’s countless questions and bad jokes on ‘how you don’t have money for clothes’. *Rolls eyes*. 

As for your blouse, go for something with a modest neckline. It could be a shirt, a sweater (since it’s pretty cold the past couple of days) or even a t-shirt. If you want to appear to be more dressy, go for statement prints and motifs. Bags should be small and handy so that it doesn’t take up too much space at your relatives house. 

Last but not least, footwear. Past visiting experiences have taught us not to wear shoes that are difficult to get into, or we’d have to suffer the ignominy of trying to wrangle them off and get them back on again at the doorsteps of the relatives’ houses while everyone awkwardly waits. 

So avoid that scramble for shoelace tying and the ache of wearing heels with comfy and chic mules; they also happen to be super on-trend!