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The holiday season has officially arrived. There will definitely plenty of parties that we all have to attend which only means one thing — we will be consuming more food and drinks than we usually do! 

As much as we all want to keep to our diets and calorie counting regime, the festive season should be a time where we are able to relish in the festive spirit (read: enjoy delicious food) without guilt. 

With the help of these 3 universally slimming items, you can go on and indulge a little while still looking your best! Looking svelte and slim during the holiday season never tasted so good. 😉 

Cotton indigo jeans, $79.90 from Topshop 

1. High waisted jeans 
This is definitely every women’s best bet. High waisted jeans are able to smooth out your body lines and also trick the eye into thinking that you are taller by adding length to your lower torso. Remember to tuck in your blouse or wear a slightly cropped top to show your elevated waist.

Polyester peplum blouse, $46.30 from ASOS

2. Peplum tops / dresses 
Peplum is a go-to cut and shape to know for the holidays, especially if your weakness is dessert (I know mine is!) Peplums are slimming because they can accentuate the waist and mask a tummy. Be sure to select a body hugging or at least a streamlined piece to accent your body shape.

Dorothy Perkins polyblend embellished dress, $99.90 from Zalora

3. Little black midi dress 
Of course, the LBD is bound to make the list of body slimming clothing. We all know that there is nothing quite as slimming and elongating as the colour black. The keyword here is: Midi. I know most people shun the midi because it’s easy to look frumpy in a dress that hits mid-calf. 

Generally speaking, when you want to appear slimmer you’ll want pieces to end at the slimmer part of your body. So when you are picking out midi dresses make sure you select a length that is slightly above mid-calf where it’s a slimmer and not exactly at mid calf (because that’s where the thickest part is!) 

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