Artisan crystal creative company Swarovski has really made all little girls’ dreams come true with the creation of Cinderella’s glass slipper; Disney magic has finally come to life.

SWAROVSKI Cinderella glass slipper in real life DECORAre you dreaming of your very own glass slipper? Image: Swarovski and Disney

Academy Award winning costume designer Sandy Powell collaborated with Swarovski to create sparkly costumes and Cinderella’s slipper for Disney’s upcoming live-action version of the beloved film. The iconic glass slipper has been created from a chunk of solid crystal; has a 6 inch heel and 221 facets of “light-reflecting Crystal Blue Aurora Borealis coating”.

SWAROVSKI Cinderella glass slipper in real life CINDERELLALily James as Cinderella in her amazing Swarovski-encrusted iconic blue ballgown. Image: Swarovski and Disney

On top of this, there were more than 1.7 million crystals used on costumes ‒ including Cinderella’s iconic blue ballgown – which means that the whole film will sparkle enough for any little girl’s dream.

Cinderella will be released through Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures on March 12, 2015. For more information about Swarovski, go to You can follow the brand on Facebook at, on Twitter at @swarovski and on Instagram at @official_swarovski.