Chloë Moretz: I don’t want a fashion campaignTeenage stars are well known for lending their faces to designer labels. Dakota Fanning, 17, models for Marc Jacobs, while 14-year-old Hailee Steinfeld fronted a campaign for Miu Miu.

Young “it” girl actress Chloë Moretz, 14, has been seen in the pages of Vogue, Teen Vogue and Love in the past year.

However, she isn’t ready for a fashion campaign just yet.

“I’m 14, and I think if I do a campaign now, I wouldn’t have any time when I’m older to do anything else. If I do it at 14, what am I going to do when I’m 19 or 20? I have to give myself room to spread my wings and grow up and become a young woman,” she said in an interview with The Cut.

“I don’t want to use it all up at one point. I want to really try and make the most of it and ride my wave as much as I can.”

Although Chloë is a self-confessed lover of fashion, she still enjoys shopping on the high street. The star admits that her mother stops her getting too carried away.

“She tries to keep me grounded, which is really smart, I guess. I’d do it to my daughter probably,” she smiled.

“I’d be like, ‘no, you can only have Top Shop and Urban Outfitters, nothing else!’” © COVER MEDIA