Street-style images courtesy of Garbagelapsap

We’ve barely scratched the surface of what our favourite Asian celebs and influencers are touting as the defining Korean trends of 2017. Take a look at what K-pop star Eyedi and Singapore influencer NC Wong wore along with other style queens on Day 2 of Seoul Fashion Week.


Mixing prints

Mixing prints can be a risky venture, but when done right, the payoff is gorgeous. Neutral plaid trousers with white snakeskin boots? Crisp and perfect.

Celebrity images courtesy of Societya

We also noticed the ever-stylish NC Wong sitting front row clad in bold red tartan jacket and matching trousers (which seem to be a growing trend this season), layered over a leopard print top #lookingfierce.


Jacket over hoodie

We spotted folks raising the fashion game by throwing a chic jackets over some otherwise regular hoodies. It’s not easy elevating a piece as casual as a hoodie, but this trend is giving us all the street chic we need.


Mixing street with high fashion

We simply cannot get over how fabulous this couple looks. Look at that vibrant faux fur coat shrobed over a graphic tee, leather skinnies and matching red boots. It’s the perfect marriage of street-wear and a high fashion sense. No less perfect is the elegant lady touting a classy tweed jacket over an embroidered Gucci tee. Talk about a power couple!

We also saw more grungy looks, like this bleached blond dream looking fierce in a graphic crop top and camo pants in a matching colour story. The look was wonderfully elevated by a long, structured coat, however we would have liked to see it in a lighter colour than black. Oh, and we have to mention that those pink Dior shades are just so bomb.

We have to applaud the oversized blazer cinched with athleisure-esque harnesses, and the thigh-high leather boots. In this case, we don’t mind that they are flats!


Fanciful suits

Very much like first day of fashion week, we encountered plenty of fashionistas who weren’t content with regular suits, as dapper as they may be. We’re definitely looking forward to seeing more innovative prints and embellishments later in the week.

Celebrity image courtesy of Societya

What really caught our eye, however, was the cool blue suit with luminous prints worn by Korean singer Eyedi. Looking almost like an oceanic nymph, the cool azure tones of her suit complemented her lovely skin tone perfectly.


Track jackets

Given the rise of athleisure chic in fashion capitals like New York and Paris, we weren’t surprised to find an abundance of sporty fashion on the streets of Seoul.

Large puffer jackets and track jackets in bold colours were the go-to pieces on the pavement, and it was refreshing to see the twist that Korea brought to this popular trend.


Statement earrings

We kissed chokers goodbye in 2016 and welcomed statement earrings with open arms, and Korean fashion has given us quirky takes on this fashion essential. You’ll either love or hate these harness danglies, but we have to give full points for this level of innovation!


Artful layering

We’ve seen some really artful layering this fashion week, but we have to say that these ladies took the cake with their smart, cohesive (and typically Korean) layering.

It feels like this style queen took all the top trends of Spring 2017 and packed it into a single outfit. Now, we usually preach that less is usually more, but this ensemble is just perfect. A high neck top under oxford striped shirt with a denim coat and fishnets in socks and combat boots…phew. And her matching yellow shades, phone case and handbag? Girl, #slaytherealway.

These lovely shades of camel and browns haven’t been very present on the streets so far, but it’s time that these tones got some time on the pavement. Two out of the three pieces that makes up her outfit is the same shade, which brings it a wonderful cohesion. The style of this layering is super crisp and serves us that clean Korean vibe that we’re all so used to.

There are those fishnets again! This fashionista has deftly married preppy chic with grunge by layering a satin coat over a ribboned and ruffled top and completing the look with and edgy chessboard skirt with fishnet stockings and boots. As they say, only in Korea.