The golden spider inches forward, one step by the hour as it patiently awaits its prey. The bee, flaunting its glittering diamond-set body, flitters freely around, luring its predator on. At first glance, the new complication watch by Chaumet, the Montres Precieuses 2013 does not seem to tell the time, at least not in a conventional way.

Chaumet Montres Precieuses 2013 SPIDER BEE DETAILChaumet Montres Precieuses 2013 SPIDER BEE

We see the spider and the bee immerse themselves in their dance of romance, inspired by Chaumet’s classic love story. However, time is ingrained into their choreography, in a redefining design crafted out of the skilful experience of Swiss craftsmen, where the spider represents the hours and the bee represents the minutes. In a further display of creativity and artfulness, the story reaches a climax when the bee brushes the tip of its wings against the spider’s leg, as the hour hand converges with the minute hand at certain times like noon and midnight.

This new creation from Chaumet also lavishes excellence and exquisiteness in its details. The watch dial forms the backdrop of this timeless tale of romance, with 43 mother-of-pearl elements and diamonds that make up the stunning web of the spider. The hours on the watch face are indicated by the twelve pink-gold cabochons set in the bezel, with diamond embedded in between to index the minutes.

Chaumet Montres Precieuses 2013 DECOR WATCHES 2

Chaumet has also introduced, in conjunction with the new Montres Precieuses 2013, a series of other timepieces that harness the gracefulness of nature in six unique designs. Each watch represents a different facet of nature, and accentuates the theme of elegance in its details and attention to colour.

In one watch, the white mother-of-pearl wings of three monarch butterflies glisten upon a dial made of black mother-of-pearl that enhances their mysterious allure, and the black satin bracelet adds a glorious finish.

Chaumet Montres Precieuses 2013 DECOR WATCHES 1

Another watch  design draws our attention to a tiny mayfly with violet mother-of-pearl wings, gliding in delight among lovely sakura blossoms crafted out of pink mother-of-pearl, on a white-gold dial embellished with a violet satin bracelet.

Chaumet craftsmen continue to challenge the limits of their artisanship with the bold use of different artistic techniques. In yet another example of skilled watch-making, the perfectly symmetrical designs of the butterflies’ wings are outlined in black China ink, carved on a white mother-of-pearl dial and complemented with a dark blue satin bracelet. The use of ivory painted sapphire glass enhances the colorful dragonflies and creates an impression of depth as they dance in the foreground.

These beautifully designed timepieces from Chaumet are a charming portrayal of the mastery of Swiss watchmakers, and the tasteful creativity of Chaumet. The Montres Precieuses 2013 series seeks to wow the world with a new take on how we look at time, while at the same time creating a symphony of nature, poetry and romance.

The Chaumet Montres Precieuses 2013 series of watches are available from the Chaumet boutique at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands B1-93, Tel: 6688 7050. For more information about Chaumet, go to You can follow the brand on Facebook at, on Twitter at @chaumet and on YouTube at