Parisian jeweler Chaumet turns 230 and pays tribute to its first muse, Marie-Joséphe-Rose, who’s more affectionately known as Joséphine (yes, the famous wife of French emperor Napoléan Bonaparte), with the launch of the Joséphine collection. French actress Sophie Marceau, brand ambassador for Chaumet, was also in Singapore to celebrate the occasion.

The Joséphine collection, featuring 30 jewellery pieces created by the Chaumet workshop, includes tiaras, tiara rings, necklaces and jewelers’ watches. Most prominent among the collection are the tiara rings. Chaumet revisited the tiara and turned it into a ring to crown the fingers.

According to Thierry Fritsch, president of Chaumet, the year 2010 not only marks 230 remarkable years for the brand, it also represents Chaumet’s entry into Southeast Asia. “We just opened our flagship boutique in Singapore’s ION Orchard 3 months ago. And we’ll be opening our second store at Marina Bay Sands in September. It’s a great year,” he said.



We caught up with Sophie Marceau about gems and more:

What made you choose Chaumet?
It’s a matter of taste. Chaumet constantly evolves with the ever-changing fashion society, and is a great image of France, talent, sophistication and tradition. I’m very happy to be part of it.

You don’t look your age (she’s 44). What are your beauty secrets?
Drink lots of wine, stop smoking, and – most important – be loved. A woman is most beautiful when she’s loved. So gentlemen, tell your girlfriend or wife that you love her. Of course, a little jewellery helps too.

What’s the biggest sacrifice you’ve had to make in your career?
I don’t like sacrifices, so I’ve never made any. But I believe in making choices. It’s what defines you.

Why do you think women like to wear a tiara?
Besides feeling like a princess, a tiara makes a woman taller, so I believe wearing it will enhance your spirits. And I really like the idea of wearing something in my hair. 

How do you wear a tiara if you’re not royalty without looking silly?
You don’t need an elaborate gown to wear a tiara. Fashion is free these days. You can experiment wearing a tiara with different clothes. But you have to remember to keep your clothes modest. It’s exactly like wearing bold jewellery – when you’re wearing a statement ring, your attire should be simple, not striking.