French luxury fashion house Chanel’s two toned beige-and-black shoes are arguably one of the most iconic pair of shoes ever made in the history of fashion and style.

Created in 1957 by Mademoiselle Coco Chanel, this shoe was was meant to flatter women’s feet and legs; the beige ‘melts’ into the skin to create a leg lengthening effect while the black toe cap made the feet look smaller. Since then, this famous two-toned design has been reinterpreted as pumps, flats, boots, espadrilles, oxfords and the list goes on.

Karl Lagerfeld reintroduced the slingbacks via his Autumn Winter 2015 collection for Chanel. To prove how versatile this pair of shoes are, he dressed all the models in the same shoes for all the looks!

Image: Chanel

I know you need these in your wardrobe, because I do too. It’s currently number 1 on my lust list. It’s available in in goatskin leather and suede. Price tag: $1,080. (You can thank me later)

Watched how they are meticulously made in the video below:

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