Carolina Herrera thinks too much emphasis is put on red carpet gowns.

The designer has dressed a host of famous women, among them Renée Zellweger and Cameron Diaz. Although she enjoys seeing stunning women making her creations look their best, Carolina can’t help feeling people have become too obsessed with flamboyant gowns.

“I think the red carpet is becoming too much – it’s just for one second,” she told

“But the stars I do dress, they have to look really good. It’s not their fault if they don’t look good, it’s my fault – the fault of the designer.”

The 73-year-old prides herself on still being relevant in the fashion world. She founded her company in 1980 and has seen a lot of things change over the last 30 years – although she is adamant she will always keep up with the times.

“Everything moves, fashion moves – you have to move with it,” she explained. “You have to feel alive to design for a human – for a woman.”

Carolina’s determination to stay ahead of the game doesn’t mean she comes up with ever more quirky and flamboyant designs though. She insists simplicity is the key to looking stylish, which is why she has always championed the appeal of a simple white shirt.

“It is my favourite thing. It’s fresh yet seductive – every woman always looks good in a white shirt,” she said. – COVER MEDIA