Let’s face it – most of us are guilty of hoarding heaps of clothes in our closets. In fact, there are some items that are new or barely worn and we end up selling them at thrift markets or dumping them at donation drives. Out of sight, out of mind, right?

Although it’s the fastest way to get rid of your unwanted items, there are other sustainable ways to breathe life into your preloved clothes like being your own fashion designer and repurposing your garments or other recycled materials into an outfit that looks like it’s right off the runway.

You Won’t Believe It’s Trash 2023 (Y.W.B.I.T 2023) – Trash To Couture Fashion Design Contest

Credit: Lendlease Singapore

Enter the You Won’t Believe It’s Trash 2023 (Y.W.B.I.T 2023) campaign, Lendlease malls are launching a ‘Trash To Couture Fashion Design Contest’ from 20 February onwards, where the top 15 finalists can win over $20,000 worth of prizes.

As its name suggests, the fashion design contest – open to all citizens and residents of Singapore aged 16 and above – will involve participants drafting out a design of the outfit that they are planning to make with at least 80% recycled materials diverted from waste streams i.e. recycled, repurposed or upcycled. Participants can also decide to participate individually or as a team (up to 3 team members) and submit their designs by 20 March 2023.

The top 15 entries will be selected to turn their designs into actual couture pieces, and the final 10 will be featured in fashion runway show to kickstart the You Won’t Believe It’s Trash – Trash To Couture campaign on 11 May 2023 at 313@somerset where the top 3 winners will be announced. Meanwhile, the top 10 designs will also be showcased in the roving exhibition that will be happening across the 4 Lendlease malls including 313@somerset (12 May to 21 May), Parkway Parade (24 May to 4 June), Jem (7 June to 18 June), and Paya Lebar Quarter (21 June to 2 July).

Think you have what it takes to be the next sustainable fashion designer? Submit your designs here to participate in the Trash To Couture Fashion Design Contest now.

Special Guest Judge Appearance By Apichet “Madaew” Atirattana (@madaew99)

Now, it goes without saying that sustainability has been a driving force, especially in the fashion industry. Emerging fashion designers from around the world are being more conscious about their carbon footprints – with some even going the extra mile in their upcycling efforts. A good example would be the Thai fashion designer, Apichet “Madaew” Atirattana (@madaew99)

Credit: Apichet “Madaew” Atirattana (@madaew99)

A force to be reckoned with, Apichet “Madaew” Atirattana (@madaew99) became an internet sensation at the age of 16 for designing and modelling dresses that she cobbles together out of some of the most unusual materials including household and other everyday items, such as mosquito netting, clothes hangers, cooking utensils and even bicycle tyres.

The talented 24-year-old designer has also been featured in Attitude magazine’s online edition and was the guest judge in Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 4 episode 5 in Singapore.

Apichet “Madaew” Atirattana (@madaew99) will be making her appearance in Singapore for the fashion design contest as a guest judge, during which she will also be showcasing her collection of upcycled outfits on the runway as well. 

Y.W.B.I.T 2023 – Trash to Couture Exhibition

This year, the theme for the campaign is ‘From Trash To Couture’. Essentially, its main focus is to encourage creativity and inspire the public through trash transformation. Besides the Trash To Couture Fashion Design Contest, there will be exciting roving exhibitions where you will get the chance to have a closer look at some of the unique upcycled masterpieces crafted by the talented designers, including a few from the one and only, Apichet “Madaew” Atirattana (@madaew99). 

Credit: Apichet “Madaew” Atirattana (@madaew99)

If you haven’t seen her different designs, then you’d be in awe of how impressive her pieces are. From outfits made with flip flops to dresses carved out of fish nets, cable ties and roofing canvas, you name it. Photos of her outfits don’t do justice to how stunning these pieces are, but luckily enough, you can get a chance to see these outfits in person at the roving exhibitions happening from 12 May to 2 July. Here, you’ll get to have a closer look at five of Apichet “Madaew” Atirattana (@madaew99)’s remarkable couture pieces as well as the other noteworthy outfits crafted by the top 10 finalists from the Trash To Couture Fashion Design Contest. 

Y.W.B.I.T 2023 – Roving Collection Drive

If you want to give back by recycling your preloved clothes, then you’ll be glad to know that there will also be a Roving Collection Drive that will be tagged to the Roving Exhibition.

Credit: Y.W.B.I.T 2022 by Lendlease Singapore

Exclusively for Lendlease Plus Members, you’ll find recycling machines that will be set up at the respective malls’ exhibit areas, of which, you can deposit your recyclable textiles and be awarded with 2,000 Plus$/kg of textiles donated. Not a Lendlease Plus Member yet? Sign up today via the Lendlease Plus mobile app or lendleaseplus.com with promo code ‘ LLPYWBIT23’ and be rewarded with 5,000 Plus$! Other terms and conditions apply.

Y.W.B.I.T 2022 – Trash to Art Exhibition

Credit: Y.W.B.I.T 2022 by Lendlease Singapore

The Y.W.B.I.T campaign was first launched in 2022 to support Singapore’s Zero Waste ambitions and to promote sustainability and zero-waste habits within the community. The first edition of Y.W.B.I.T campaign, Trash To Art Exhibition, saw impressive works of art, include movie props and models made from discarded items, such as cardboard boxes, broom heads and other materials by local artist Simon Tan. 

A vending machine was also introduced during the campaign for consumers to recycle their empty and clean aluminium cans, plastic drink bottles and paper for recycling. Overall, 95,863 units of aluminium cans and plastic bottles and 18.8 tonnes of paper were collected.  

For more information about the Y.W.B.I.T 2023 – Trash to Couture Fashion Design Contest, please visit here

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