When some brands say their accessories are versatile, what they really mean is they will most probably look good with something you have.

In Swarovski’s case with Remix, its versatility is limited only by your imagination or budget.

The premise starts with 33 bracelets. Each has charms; each is $149; and each is held together with a magnetic clasp  – the key that links one strand to another (and another, and another) so that you can customise what you have and mix things up.

When you use it as it is, it’s a bracelet. When four to five are combined, you get a long necklace. Add way more, and they become your new bag strap.

Simply look at Swarovski’s campaign girl Karlie Kloss and you’ll see the versatility of the Swarovski Remix bracelet – they come in four versions and can be played up according to your personal style.

When paired with a romantic top in lace, the Romantic Collection is Stevie Nicks in the ‘70s meets Coachella chic. Featuring twee icons like emojis and peace signs, they look best when worn delicately as bracelets or necklaces.

When the Rock Chic collection is layered with tougher elements like leather and fishnet clothing, it becomes edgy and very Madonna in the ‘80s. These aren’t for the dainty jewellery wearing girl, these are pieces with embellished spikes, mini studs and rocker-esque slogans on them.

As with all Swarovski jewellery, the Remix is the perfect accessory for your party outfit – the Crystal Glamour collections allows you to wear it and not have it wear you instead. Bezel set crystals and pave embellished spheres instantly add a touch of glam without well, looking too over the top.

Simply put, the Timeless Pearls collection uses crystal pearls for a more timeless look. When worn as a bracelet, it pairs seamlessly with whatever bracelets you’re already wearing, and when worn connected as a necklace, it’s instantly Holly Golightly ala Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

“Remix is one of my favourites with its endless mix of possibilities,” says Swarovski’s creative director, Nathalie Colin.

“Accessories are a great way to customise one’s look and help women showcase their outstanding style.”

The Swarovski Remix Collection retails at $149 per strand and is now available in Swarovski boutiques.