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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and if you’re excited for that couple #OOTD with bae, hold up – we can learn a lesson or two from these stylish celeb couples. Couple outfits don’t necessarily have to be in-your-face with the exact same shirts or double denim to the power of two. Here’s to rocking the couple look minus the cheesiness!

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively


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Ryan Reynolds looks incredibly dapper in this suit, whilst Blake Lively is also killing it in mutal black. Her dress, however, is far from boring with the sparkling rope-like details accentuating her neckline and waist. So even if you and your other half are wearing the same colour, you can still make heads turn with statement details like bling – but don’t feel you both have to ice yourselves for impact. One will do and you’ll shine as a couple, quite literally.

Prince William and Kate Middleton

Ah, it’s our favourite royal couple. We love how the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are wearing different shades of blue, so they look cohesive without being 100 percent similar. Plus, if you look closely at Prince William’s tie…they’re also both wearing polka dots. This is how you and bae can pull off the same print – by varying the colour and size of the design. For example, you can wear a skirt with thin vertical stripes, while your man wears a shirt with broad horizontal stripes.

Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid


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Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid are absolutely rocking the armoured look. You would think the Met Gala’s futuristic theme is hard for couples to pull off, but the combination of metal arms and sequinned bodice is spot on. It’s all about being creative. Try dressing to a theme by incorporating similar elements. If you’re going for a rocker look, you could put on your high-cut leather boots while he wears a biker jacket.

Felicia Chin and Jeffrey Xu

This is so adorable! Local celebs Felicia Chin and Jeffrey Xu are tastefully coordinated. While they do look rather similar in monochrome, there are a few twists so their couple outfit isn’t over the top. For one, Chin is wearing a chic white jumpsuit instead of going for separate pieces, and she brings in a pop of black with her clutch. Also, her shoes aren’t totally white, which creates some differentiation. This mix-and-match sure makes for a fun styling session with bae.

David and Victoria Beckham

And how could we leave out the impeccably dressed David and Victoria Beckham? Needless to say, David looks suave in a crisp black suit, a rather safe but sound option for men. Both of them are wearing the same colour, but Victoria spices things up with a cut-out top that matches her black pants to look like a jumpsuit. It’s slightly less casual but still dressy, complementing David’s outfit. They’re both technically wearing a two-piece too…except Victoria’s is a little more revealing! Taking a leaf out of Victoria Beckham’s book, another way to wear the same colour as your man is to experiment with different cuttings to create visual interest.

Fann Wong and Christopher Lee


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Last but not least, Caldecott’s Ah Ge and Ah Jie! This is one perfectly matched couple outfit. While Wong goes all out in a luxe striped maxi dress, Lee takes it down a notch by only sporting the stripes as trimmings on his cardigan. Balance is key – if one of you wants be adventurous and wear a full-on pattern, it’s best for the other to tone it down and incorporate the pattern minimally to avoid being a visual mess. It can be in the form of accessories as well; the possibilities are endless.   


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