It’s no secret: We find celebrities on Instagram super engrossing. I love how this fuss-free social media platform has given us unfettered access and the most revealing insights into lives that we wouldn’t otherwise be privy to. 

Call me a voyeur, but I enjoy stalking celebrities with good #OOTDs on Instagram – they never fail to give me some fresh inspiration when I am running low on outfit ideas for work and the weekends. 

In honour of this – and for your convenience, I might add – I have created a curated list of posts on Instagram from some of our favourite Asian celebrities that have caught my eye recently.

Hope this helps you when you are planning your outfits for the rest of the week!


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1. Taeyeon from Girls’ Generation


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2. Myolie Wu


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3. Chae Lin / ‘CL’ from 2ne1

4. Fan Bing Bing


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5. Nancy Wu

6. Tiffany from Girls’ Generation


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7. Shu Qi

8. Sammi Cheng


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9. Fann Wong