EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Belinda Lee reveals the secrets to looking and feeling like a celebrity

The television host and actress, known for the confidence and poise, reveals her self-doubting side

Content producer: Hayden Ng

On television, Belinda Lee always looks so confident and she speaks with poise. Little did we know that in reality, the 39-year-old host and actress had a hard time finding her confidence when she was younger.

“I grew up with no self-esteem so self-doubt has always been a part of my life,” she says. “I was always fearful and I felt that I was never good enough.”

Her transformation into the self-assured woman that we see today is a perfect story to share at the launch of Pandora’s new ‘Do’ campaign. Through this campaign, the jewellery brand wishes to encourage women from around the world to reach out to their dreams and do what feels true to themselves. In short: when you believe in yourself, nothing is impossible.


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“I believe that we cannot just be dreamers,” Lee adds. “We must be a doer because when we consciously put in effort to do something, we’re one step closer to our destiny and dreams.”

We take the chance to catch up with Lee and learn more about how she personally resonates with this campaign, as well as play a round of rapid fire questions to find out what she likes.

Watch our interview with her in the video above now.

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