Our smartphones aren’t just for entertainment anymore; for some of us, it’s our emotional crutch. So why not extend it even further and make it capable of all things beauty, right?

That’s why our beauty obsession of the week is this fabulous new Ferrari Fragrance iPhone Case. The brand has worked together with Perfume Holding to come up with this incredibly innovative idea that we’re totally in love with: A phone case that doubles up as your perfume refresher throughout the day.

Yes, say goodbye to lugging around that extra bottle of your favourite scent, and hello to this portable, can’t-be-missed accessory! All you have to do is squeeze the nozzle on the back of the case like you would a camera shutter, and you’re set to go from work to party.

The one tiny drawback to this is that since it’s the first of its kind, the only refillables available are the Scuderia Ferrari fragrances (Red and Black), which are pretty delectable in their own right. So if you’re not a fan of either, you might want to wait for the rest of the market to catch up. In the meantime, spritz away!


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