Studies have shown that scent has the capability to alter your mood to an incredible degree; scents help create your perception of a person, evoke specific memories in surprising clarity and influence first impressions.

It’s no wonder, therefore, that we can get super picky about buying perfume for ourselves. All of us have probably found that one perfect fragrance that we’ve struggled to make last as long as we possibly can.

Well, actually, there IS a way we can make our favourite bottle last longer.

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To be fair, we also didn’t realise until recently that it wasn’t as straightforward as spritzing a fine mist around your person, but ever since we’ve started doing it right, it has changed our perfume game.

These perfume hacks will leave your perfume smelling stronger and lasting longer through even the most tedious day.

You’re storing them wrong


Its super convenient to leave your bottles of signature scent near your toilet sink or anywhere out in the open for easy access when you’re getting ready.

You may be horrified to note, then, that humid and damp places breaks down the chemicals in your expensive perfume and diminish the scent.

Not only that, but bright and warm environments have that same effect, so if you’ve been storing bottles out in the open or near a window, you might want to quickly store them in a darker and drier area.

Your pulse points


A common misconception is that spraying perfume on your clothes will leave the scent smelling stronger throughout the day, however this may end up staining fabric and jewellery. Instead, apply your perfume on strategic points on your body.

Maximise your resources by spritzing the warm points on your body, which helps diffuse the fragrance across your person evenly. These points include your wrists, neck, inner elbows, midriff, ankles and behind your knees (but not all of them at once, though!). Pulse points like your ankles and behind the knee are especially effective as they allow your scent to waft up as the day goes by.

Using these pulse points minimises your need to touch up often and waste precious drops.

Moisturise first, honey

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Not only does it inflict damage to apply perfume on dry skin, but it also causes the scent to die quickly. Oily skin actually retains scents the best, so we advise applying some moisturiser first to really lock in fragrance.

Dab, don’t rub

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The one thing that almost everyone does when applying perfume on the wrists is to rub them together. Not only does this look less than classy, it actually makes the top notes of your perfume dissipate and cause your fragrance to die faster.

Go light and hairy


Some advocate scenting your hair to help your fragrance last longer. The thing is that spraying perfume directly onto your hair will dry it out and damage your follicles. Instead, spritz it onto a brush and run it through your luscious locks, leaving them lightly scented and intact.

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