Subscription boxes are very much like advent calendars. They’re splendid for trying out a variety of products while keeping that hole in your wallet as tiny as possible (over the long run). You could also choose to get them for 12 months, or just to try out for a month, depending on the company.

Unlike advent calendars, subscription boxes don’t give you a product for every day of the month – you get a bunch of products all at once, then you can choose whenever you want to use (or eat) them. 

There’s actually a whole variety of subscription boxes available out there, from really decadent ones like an ice cream service, then there’s boxes that bring you the taste of Japan – to your doorstep. We’ve curated a couple of services that deliver to Singapore, so that you too can get your hands on some interesting finds.


1. Boxgreen

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For the shameless snackers who want, nay need, the healthier choice (myself included). Boxgreen delivers low-calorie snacks that you can munch on guilt-free, in moderation of course. Besides having really tasty snacks, Boxgreen lets you do good while you eat good – they have recyclable packaging and a portion of their sales from each box will go to help provide meals for the less privileged.

You simply have to choose four snack varieties from their long list of (artificial flavouring- and colouring-free) snacks, ranging from packs of banana pecan crumble, or some zesty peri peri lime soya crisps, then you check out and pay. There’s bound to be something for every foodie

Price: $19.90/box

When: Either once every week, every two weeks, once every month or every two months

Perks: Free shipping, flexible cancellation/ pausing, 12 bags of snacks/ box.

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2. Lookfantastic Singapore

Skincare, hair care, makeup… You name it and lookfantastic has it. The online boutique carries luxury brands like Christophe Robin, Real Techniques and many more. You can expect your box to be filled with high-end brands alike.

For each month, you’ll get a beauty box filled with six to seven hand-picked premium beauty products. There’s an array of skin, hair, cosmetic and body products from various brands, so there’ll definitely be something for you. You can also look out for lookfantastic’s occasional collaborations with beauty brands like Caudalie, which come in limited edition boxes.

Price: $27.50/box

When: Every month

Perks: Free shipping, with box arriving between five to ten working days

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3. The Pint Society

Photo: The Pint Society/ Instagram

Ice cream lovers, rejoice! The Pint Society is Singapore’s first ever ice cream subscription service. Each month, the ice cream chefs lovingly create ice cream or gelato with the most innovative flavours. Want to hear about what you can expect? Some of their previous flavours include bubble tea crunch, irish coffee and even coconut pandan gelato.

Every monthly subscription entitles you to two pints (about 10-12 scoops) of artisanal ice cream. The price is a little up there for ice cream you could buy in the market – but then again, it’s made in small batches, so quality is guaranteed. Now all you need to do is patiently wait for February’s flavour (which seems to be something purple) to be released, place your order before the 15th, then select your delivery date and time for the following week onwards.

Price: $28/box

When: Every month

Perks: Two pints of delicious, artisanal ice cream for the lazy nights

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4. BooksActually

Photo: BooksActually

Are you an avid reader? Then local bookstore Books Actually will be your next favourite thing. Every month, you’ll receive a box with one book and a curation of little picks that’ll complement your reading experience – a special tea blend, a notebook, or anything creative the team comes up with!

To make the experience better for you, all that needs to be done is to choose the BooksActually Elf that resonates with you most, by checking out their book recommendations and reading profiles. Then you just need to sit back and wait for your books to arrive. In the unlikely event that you receive a book that you already have, the BooksActually team will send you a new book and you can keep the duplicate title and pass it to your family or friends.

Price: From $59/box

When: Every month, with either a 3,6 or 12-month long subscription

Perks: There’s a food box for foodies, and a quirky box with books picked out by the resident cats (Cake, Pico and Lemon) of BooksActually.

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5. Blackbox

It’s Singapore’s first unisex sampling box. Whether it’s supplements or beauty products, Blackbox offers you the chance to get sample-size (and sometimes full-size) products from a variety of brands. It begins with choosing either the Classic or Luxury range which well… carries either classic or luxury brands like Himalaya Herbals, or DrGL. Then you can choose either three or seven items before checking out. It’s that simple!

On the other hand, you could choose any of the curated boxes under the ‘Exclusives’ tab, which offer more variety. The prices however, differ according to which box you purchase.

Price: $9.90 for three items, and $16.90 for seven items

When: Every month

Perks: You get to test out minis that are new to the market before buying them, for a great price and you’re rewarded points* which lets you redeem exclusive full-sized products.

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*Terms and conditions apply


6. OhhMyBox

Valentine’s is around the corner, but you still don’t know what to get your man? Then you could get him (or any guy pal) the OhhMyBox, which is Singapore’s first subscription box for the gentlemen. With top-shelf partners like Calvin Klein, Lush Cosmetics and True Fitness, you can expect that each box will be filled with nothing but the good things.

Before getting the first box, a questionnaire will be sent over. From there, OhhMyBox will pick suitable products – ranging from facial to body care and lifestyle accessories like socks or ties – that’ll suit his personal style. The premium items selected every month will follow a theme. So whether or not he’s a dapper gentleman, or an all-out athlete, there’ll be something for him. It’s almost like a match made in heaven.

Price: $69 for a one-time box, $59/month for a monthly subscription, $57/month for a yearly subscription

When: Every month

Perks: The amount you pay for is actually halve of what the products you receive are worth, combined, since you get full-sized products and not minis/ samples.

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7. Batterful

Baking is great for calming your mind with the promise of a delicious ending. But really, sometimes we’re just too lazy to head out and splurge on a big packet of ingredients that we might not even finish anyway. So to help us out, Batterful is delivering all we need to bake up a small storm. They’ve even worked with cafes and bakeries like The Fabulous Baker Boy, so you know that what they’re handing us is amazing.

Start off by choosing either a Classic Box or Family box, which serves 4-5 servings or 8-12 servings respectively. In each box, you get premium ingredients, instructional online videos and more recipes from around the world to inspire you. You’re literally handed all the goods you need for better batter, so what are you waiting for?

Price: $19.95/ month for a Classic Box, $29.90/ month for a Family Box

When: Every month

Perks: You get a delicious baked good and a house that smells like it – what more could you need?

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8. Her Velvet Vase


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Fashionista or not, we’ve all had that struggle of just staring at our boring old closets as if a new outfit would magically appear. Well now with Her Velvet Vase, it sorta can! 

All you need to do is tell Her Velvet Vase about yourself – your style in particular. Select what kind of box you’d like – a Mini Me box which has a top, jewellery and accessories; a Regular Me box which has all off that, plus a bottom and a dress; a Super Me box with the same products, but of higher value. You will then receive your personalised box with products hand-picked by a stylist, within 10 days! Getting our #OOTDs will be much simpler.

Price: US$50/ month for a Mini Me/ Regular Me Box, US$95/ month for a Super Me box

When: Every month

Perks: What you pay is significantly lesser than the value of all the products combined

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9. Japan Crate


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Another one for the foodies. Singaporeans seem to have some obsession with Japanese goodies, be it the latest transparent milk tea rave, or our unwavering love for sushi. To add onto the collection, Japan Crate is delivering Japanese snacks right to our doorsteps. But it’s not just that. You get to experience the culture of Japan every month, and here’s how.

Besides offering snacks and candies, each Japan crate includes a custom booklet that has descriptions, instructions (for their occasional D.I.Y candy), monthly contests and the custom in-house manga. So if you’re always dying to get a taste of Japan without having to leave the comfort of your home, here’s your chance!

But that’s not all. Japan Crate doesn’t just offer snacks and candy. They also have the Kira Kira Crate which has 6-8 full-sized beauty goodies; the Umai Crate with 7-8 noodles; the Doki Doki Crate that comes with 5-7 kawaii items that are unique and useful!

Price: From US$15 for each crate, depending on size and type

When: Every month

Perks: Free worldwide shipping!

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