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Burberry Body Tender Purse Spray

This fresh flanker is a delightfully dainty riff off Burberry’s bodacious Body EDT. Adjectives like “radiant” and “optimistic” dot the press copy like the buds of Spring flowers; expect delicious notes of fizzy apple and pudding-soft peach seguing into a botanical blend of plump petals plucked from the stalks of English rose and white jasmine. All of these resolutely feminine accords lie in repose in a gently simmering base of spicy sandalwood, mild musk and creamy cashmere.

Markedly tamer than its toilette predecessor, the Body Tender spray is meant to anoint your body throughout the day. Accordingly, the refillable spray is sheathed in a curvy canister that is incredibly sexy in its own right, if you get our drift.

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The Body Shop Special Edition English Dawn White Gardenia Eau De Toilette

Flitting from one sun-dappled English garden to another, here’s The Body Shop’s limited edition interpretation of British blooms gathered at dawn.

In a fittingly poignant and entirely justifiable three-month-only offering, the beloved beauty brand says this ephemeral scent’s equally brief sojourn on its aisles is meant to echo the brevity of Spring and well, life itself.

Inhale deeply and try your nose at teasing apart the palette-cleansing top notes of bergamot from the heart of titillating tuberose. Fun fragrance fact: Tuberose is a pink-petalled perennial so startlingly sensual, it’s earned the infamous distinction of being referred to by preeminent perfumer Roja Dove as the “harlot of perfumery”.  

Virginal white gardenia rounds out all of the richness and renders this scent wonderfully wearable for day. And because it won’t be The Body Shop without a feel-good factor of some sort, the eco-conscious brand says it’s been blended with 100 percent organic Community Fair Trade alcohol from Ecuadorian communities which eschew the “slash and burn” practice of traditional agriculture. A scent that actively promotes haze-free farming? Smells good to us.

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Jo Malone Silk Blossom Cologne

In an bravado display of the art of perfumery, the posh London perfumers have re-created the scent of the near-mythical silk blossom. A delicate flower found in select parts of Asia, it’s said to be so fragile and ephemeral that its scent cannot be extracted naturally. The brand took it upon themselves to mimic the smell and recreate it from scratch. The result is a floral fragrance that is incredibly feminine and mild on the nose. Powdery with a whiff of green moss, the Silk Blossom Cologne is our pick for a posh little pick-me-up.

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S Factor Papaya Leave-in Moisture Spray

The S Factor Leave-in Moisture Spray is an incredibly handy tool for beachside vacays. Simply spray on and comb through — no rinsing required. With ample add-ons in the form of fortifying antioxidants and vitamins A and E, the soothing spray is designed to fortify your follicles while giving it an added boost of shine.

The brand claims that its formula will even help to halt the fading of coloured hair. The hairspray comes with a suitably tropical twist: It’s lightly scented with a hint of papaya. Very refreshing and suited for spritzing on while frolicking in the sand.

Burberry Body Tender Purse Spray, $114 for three 15 ml bottles, is available from May 2014 at all Burberry stores. For more information, visit sg.burberry.com and follow the brand on Facebook and on Twitter.

The Body Shop Special Edition English Dawn White Gardenia Eau De Toilette, $35.90 for 50ml, is available from all The Body Shop stores. For more information, visit www.thebodyshop.com.sg and follow The Body Shop Singapore onFacebook and Instagram.

Jo Malone Silk Blossom Cologne, $102 for 30ml and $204 for 100 ml, is available from May 2014 at all Jo Malone boutiques and counters. For more information, visit www.jomalone.com.sg.

S Factor Papaya Leave-in Moisture Spray, $48, is available at Glamour Studio in Shaw Towers. For more information, visit www.sfactorbytigi.com and follow the brand on Facebook.